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1- Each leaf usually has 3 to 7 sharply toothed leaflets.

2- The toothed leaves are compound divided into segments, called leaflets.

3- They also got hold of 24 toothed clubs.

4- Note the rounded, somewhat oval toothed leaves.

5- It has twisted lobes and is driven by a toothed belt.

6- This is a toothed bar attached to a chain bag.

7- It usually consists of a toothed ring and pickup.

8- These toothed whales are notable for their elongated beaks.

9- Each leaf has three glossy leaflets, with smooth or toothed edges.

10- The toothed wheels form cell segments as they move against each other.

11- It has large leaves with toothed margins and flowers in early spring.

12- Echolocation is found in bats and toothed whales.

13- The killer whale is a medium-size toothed whale.

14- They rank as mid-sized species among toothed whales.

15- It is driven by a toothed wheel called a sprocket.

16- A special toothed grab holds the pallet to the forks.

17- toothed whales can “see” sounds by using echolocation.

18- American Basswood is another tree with simple, toothed leaves.

19- These belts have teeth that fit into a matching toothed pulley.

20- It is analogous to the melon found in other toothed whales.

21- Moderate torque, integral horsepower motors use squirrel cage construction with toothed rotors.

22- It is not yet known whether toothed whales regularly use such a weapon.

23- Beneath us, the descents were toothed with jagged rock.

24- Also less common was the early toothed bird, “Ichthyornis”.

25- The body scales are large and the front gill cover is finely toothed .

26- A toothed belt is frequently used.

27- The margins can be entire or lobed or toothed .

28- Projection in a gear ( toothed drive wheel).

29- Certainly over toothed whales, the dolphins, can produce loud sounds.

30- For whales, they need to distinguish baleen whales from toothed ones.

31- This component is toothed , the teeth positively engaging the two rotating parts.

32- A step more complex than that are cast metal wedges with toothed faces.

33- Metal nit combs and long toothed lice combs are best.

34- A toothed , harrowing, man’s greatest nightmare” said Bruvels.

35- Or the toothed gullet of an agèd shark.

36- Same applies to partially toothed relatives of neornithes , like Hesperornis.

37- Diamond sawed – finish produced by sawing with a diamond toothed saw.

38- The gels shape is curve-linear and toothed .

39- They are Odontoceti ( toothed whales) and have one blowhole.

40- Other potential predators include toothed whales such as the false killer whale and killer whale. The hindwing is similarly toothed on the termen, which has a bluish inward border.

41- These are erect perennial plants with deeply toothed compound leaves and umbels of white flowers.

42- The leaves have blades shallowly edged or deeply divided into lobes, the upper blades with toothed edges.

43- AFL produces characteristic saw-toothed F-waves of constant amplitude and frequency on an ECG whereas AF does not.

44- The complex-toothed flying squirrel is an endangered species, both due to the destructions of forests as well as due to hunting.

45- The red meat and blubber of (toothed) long-finned pilot whales in the Faroe Islands show high toxin levels, Dam, Maria Bloch, D. (2000).

46- The pale green or grayish leaves are oval or lance-shaped and often toothed.

47- A comb is a toothed device used for straightening and cleaning hair or fibers.

48- A gap-toothed old woman gazes at a goat on a tight rope; her eyes are wide with curiosity.

49- Their blades are deeply lobed or divided into three leaflets, often with toothed or lobed edges.

50- The leaves are 4-10 cm (2-4 in) long, elliptic to lanceolate, with a wavy, lobed or toothed margin.

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