tell tales in a sentence

How to use the word tell tales in a sentence

I hesitated, not wanting to tell tales about my colleague.

The tell tales in this area become unstable.

Unlike their human counterparts, dead tires do tell tales .

They told tales of harassment on the convention floor.

No one to tell tales , then.

That’s a tale for someone who tells tales .

She perhaps doesn’t like people that tell tales .

He told tales with perfect aplomb and in complete paragraphs.

Drinking ritual: getting sloshed in good company and telling tales .

DeVito loves telling tales about when he fronted his position .

However, history does tell tales of resurgent civilisations.

And dead men do tell tales .

I don’t want to tell tales out of school.

Telling tales can be a good thing .

So, the bottom line is that dead men do tell tales inTexas.

The headman gives them delicious apricots and tells tales of the old days.

As with the current Shade, he enjoys telling tales of his past.

Neil Gaiman told tales of pixies in his novel “American Gods”.

Soon his act included singing and telling tales of New Orleans characters, especially preachers.

Macandal would tell tales of magical characters and mythical kingdoms with rivers rising in the sky.

The Oracle is said to tell tales of the past to give hope for the future.

No child should be put in the powerful position of having to tell tales on another child.

They tell tales of the pre-fax era when special couriers would deliver new documents at midnight.

They were told tales , some tall, some true, presented with police tapes and reports.

As the members of the inn tell tales , Cluracan also recites a story about himself.

Then the show wanders the street all the while telling tales related to bandits, loves and myths.

It ‘s a good place for characters to hang out, congregate and tell tales of woe!

The logbook also told tales of difficulties connecting Bluetooth devices and errors in the navigation system’s guidance.

These are films that have aged well and still stand up as being well crafted and told tales .

The parents are around and there ‘s too many busybodies who’ll ring them up and tell tales .

A girl is excluded from the festival because her mother believes her to be ‘ telling tales ‘.

Are you telling tales ?

Muneyoshi’s grandson, Jubei Muneyoshi, told tales of his grandfather’s status as a ninja.

During the next two days we were very busy–too busy to tell tales or listen to them.

The important thing is that you’ll be among friends here, telling tales in a comfortable little coffeeshop.

They appear in book #8 (Tattos, tell tales and Terrible, Terrible Twins).

Told through the medium of letters, the two characters tell tales of events in Guernsey during the Occupation.

Members of the Lummi tell tales about “Ts’emekwes”, the local version of Bigfoot.

By re-using the imprints of people who have died, ghosts can be made to speak and tell tales .

Filostrato reigns during the fourth day, in which the storytellers tell tales of lovers whose relationship ends in disaster.

Natives tell tales of how the snake lost it’s legs or how the loon got it’s white collar.

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