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1- The policeman smiled showing large flashy teeth .

2- The protruding jaws contained large primitive teeth .

3- My teeth are soft like chewing gum.

4- My teeth and gums are perfectly healthy.

5- The resulting explosion loosened his front teeth .

6- These posts provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth .

7- Turn off the tap while polish teeth .

8- Wisdom teeth have been more easily drawn.

9- He had sensitive teeth for thirty years.

10- Minor problems include bad breath and teeth staining.

11- This large force was armed to teeth .

12- The lips are slightly parted without revealing the teeth .

13- Both erupted and replacement teeth were removed.

14- The teeth are often covered with debris.

15- Some traps had teeth with rounded edges.

16- They are sometimes seen brushing their teeth before bed.

17- Their mouths are filled with many small sharp teeth .

18- It has the fewest teeth among bats.

19- These teeth leave a rough surface behind.

20- The teeth ensure sex lasts long enough for sufficient sperm transfer.

21- He had pointed features and protruding yellow teeth .

22- Yellow perch has many fine and sharp teeth .

23- He sucks air through his teeth again.

24- The shark has several kinds of teeth .

25- These actions continually wear down the frontal teeth .

26- His teeth had been literally knocked down his throat.

27- These affected teeth tend to erode quickly.

28- The dental formula for primary teeth is .

29- The canine teeth are slightly curved and short.

30- Practitioners offer various methods to replace missing teeth .

31- The teeth are a little too clearly delineated.

32- She has teeth and is domestically bred.

33- Aristotle thought men had more teeth than women .

34- There are three available options to replacing missing teeth .

35- The rear teeth are adapted for crushing .

36- Your front teeth are growing well mate.

37- Killer whales teeth are covered in enamel .

38- teeth were strewn across the wide bed.

39- The lips and teeth are close together.

40- Their large teeth clicking together produce this sound.

41- A wine that historically caused decay in the teeth of the nobles that drank it.

42- Satan took the bait and fastened his teeth reflexively on the blocking forearm.

43- There is going to be hardship, but we have to grit our teeth and get on with it.

44- It means blind trust, in the absence of evidence, even in the teeth of evidence.

45- The teeth of the ruminant are specialised, unlike those of a carnivorous animal.

46- A sigh of relief whistled through his teeth as he stuck his head into the pantry.

47- She would wrinkle her nose, show all her teeth and give a little puff of a snort.

48- You got ta feel a smack on the cheek, to make you draw back your teeth and react.

49- Here are acrobats, storytellers, letter writers, snake charmers and teeth pullers.

50- Dimples appeared in her fat cheeks, her double chin quivered, her teeth were huge.

51- Why fool around with money, or taking teeth out, when I might not enjoy it as much?

52- Insert the special cleaning thread between your teeth and pull it gently up and down.

53- Pipe smokers sometimes wear down the tips of their teeth where they grip their pipes.

54- In the teeth of enormous social sanctions, women are making their own sexual choices.

55- We test gear teeth runout with various of gear dia and axial direction runout tester.

56- Among them , supernumerary teeth and root dilacerations are two common local factors.

57- I sat on the wheelbarrow and sank my teeth into a fresh loaf. Dry bread was the norm.

58- She heard teeth shatter under the impact, saw one of them driven through his top lip.

59- It may cringe away, or if cornered might bare its teeth unexpectedly.

60- Some people clench or grind their teeth while they sleep, a condition called bruxism .

61- Human jaws are called edentulous jaws when all teeth and to replaced by full dentures.

62- A student who wears braces on his teeth is obviously under the care of an orthodontist.

63- We had to grit our teeth and agree with their conditions because we wanted the contract.

64- I simply do not have the manpower to make arrests in the teeth of such concerted action.

65- Dead rats, floating in the brown swill of beer with teeth bared in a last deathly snarl.

66- A disfigurement in the teeth of humans mottled enamel has been recognized for many years.

67- When deciduous teeth began to sprout , submaxilla starts to search for physical position.

68- Science has to cling to the available evidence even in the teeth of seeming contradiction.

69- Definition of best friend? They would let you KNOW when you had something in your teeth!

70- But if it remains on the teeth, it begins to damage the gums and causes gingivitis.

71- Piercing, piercing whistling rasping through teeth, could easily be heard over engine.

72- Not the most ceremonious release for a fresh faced coin still cutting its teeth.

73- Sonny went staggering back, arms flailing, spitting blood and fragments of teeth.

74- I would take a Bourbon in one hand and lever off the lid with my two front teeth.

75- Frank shows himself to be the only ventriloquist to move his lips but not his teeth.

76- The species is characterized by its long and lanceolate leaflets with undulate teeth.

77- The opposition argues that the new council will be unconstitutional and without teeth.

78- We were not in the least worried about the possibility that sweets could rot the teeth.

79- In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.

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