tantamount to in a sentence

How to use tantamount in a sentence

1- His request was tantamount to a threat.

2- A simple error of judgement was tantamount to artistic suicide.

3- Critics say the arrangement is tantamount to a dictatorship.

4- Her confession was simply tantamount to a casual explanation.

5- Her refusal to answer was tantamount to an admission of guilt.

6- Her statement is tantamount to a confession of guilt.

7- In safe seats selectionist tantamount to election.

8- Journalists argued that the law was tantamount to censorship.

9- The King’s request was tantamount to a command.

10- This invasion is tantamount to a declaration of war.

11- To leave a dog home alone is tantamount to cruelty.

12- What Bracey is saying is tantamount to heresy.

13- With Harry, omission was tantamount to deceit.

14- He considered it an impossible feat, tantamount to asking for eighteen miracles in a row.

15- Jury duty is tantamount to involuntary servitude.

16- Failure to disclose another sexual relationship is tantamount to lying.

17- A thorough understanding of the procurement situation was therefore tantamount .

18- A simple error of judgement was tantamount to artistic suicide.

19- The horse carriage industry is tantamount to slavery for animals.

20- A string is thus tantamount to a vehicle.

21- But merger is not always tantamount to takeover.

22- He saw minority demands as tantamount to treason.

23- To do nothing is tantamount to negligence.

24- Standing still is tantamount to giving up .

25- This is tantamount to taxation by regulation .

26- The creation of a positive, effective learning environment is tantamount .

27- Still others have said the incidents were tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

28- Raising a son without a father is tantamount to child abuse.

29- Where patents are granted , they are tantamount to big money.

30- This is tantamount to saving that the central government knows best.

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