tan in a sentence

tan meaning:

n.) A brown color imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun *&&*n.) A yellowish-brown color

tan sentence:

I was browned to a nice tan.

We lie in the sunshine for hours, getting a tan.

She’s wearing tan leather shoes.

She applied sun tan lotion all over herself.

tan indicates that your skin has already been damaged.

Ten percent of teens visit tanning salons weekly.

I notice my tan has started to fade.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds.

David has brown hair with brown eyes and has tan skin.

She used tanning beds 3 times each day until the wedding.

indoor tanning is undeniably associated with skin cancer.

Tanning beds are becoming another common source of ultraviolet radiation.

Exposure to tanning salon rays increases the damage caused by sunlight.

Many creams contain sun screen to prevent tanning .

Tanning beds and sun lamps are dangerous.

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