talk turkey in a sentence

talk turkey in a sentence

1- And in New York City , six pols busted for talking turkey .

2- Marie Ruth Auguste: Let’s talk turkey … and Soup Joumou!

3- Feisal: Ah, now you are talking turkey , are you not?

4- Let’s talk turkey will contain 100 holiday recipes culled from several of its magazines.

5- Q From Selinda Chiquoine : I’ve been searching for the origin of talk turkey .

6- Fat , Feasting, Fasting and Fertility Let’s talk turkey about BMI!

7- The third in each series, Dolly Departed and Murder talks turkey , are hot off the press.

8- Moreover, Chrysanthopoulos gives no indication that any country tried to talk turkey out of its deal with Khasbulatov.

9- In our next post we will reach out to grasp the nettle, get down to brass tacks and talk turkey .

10- Now I don’t have the time or the energy to develop and commercialise this great new advertising idea — but if there’s an ad agency out there who’s interested (and prepared to pay) then please contact me and we’ll talk turkey .

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