tale of woe in a sentence t

How to use the word tale of woe in a sentence

He bore a tale of woe from the Old World.

The mendacious beggar told a different tale of woe at every house.

The team’s tale of woe continued on Saturday .

That is my sad tale of woe .

Then such a tale of woe from herself.

My tale of woe continues with Cardiff .

My tale of woe will likely sound familiar to many.

Here unfortunate inmates regale you with their tales of woe .

He bore a tale of woe from the Old World.

Sam recounted his tale of woe over coffee the other day.

Here ‘s my tale of woe .

I have heard all; be chary of thy tale of woe .

For the Christians, alas, ’tis a tale of woes !

Luke is far from the only demigod with such a tale of woe .

It’s an unbelievable tale of woe , and the lowlights are almost endless.

Off we went again and I started telling him about my tale of woe .

Martin was boring her to tears with his tales of woe and mail-order surgery.

It was a tale of woe from start to finish, describing her agony there.

I don’t believe it was intentional, nor that it hides a tale of woe .

I need not weary this House with a tale of woe of Indians in Africa.

The question comes to the fore after tales of woe from the people who call over.

To tell the truth,, I was at a loss to respond to this tale of woe .

It ‘s a good place for characters to hang out, congregate and tell tales of woe !

BES’s tale of woe is so specific that there is no obvious reason to think it will be replicated.

Luckily for Front , perhaps, only about 20 percent of the pews were filled for her unadorned tales of woe .

I tell the Personnel Manager my tale of woe , and she is as distressed as I am at this injustice.

In Part 3 of Clarksons Essay, a history of the slave-trade is given, and many tales of woe related.

To complete Brentford’s tale of woe Westley, Billy Manuel and Chris Hughton were among the game’s five bookings.

The Brahmin’s wife was furious, and sent her own mother to the same shrine with a fabricated tale of woe .

Thank goodness we had tutors who helped us to some extent and who seemed quite accustomed to listening to tales of woe .

His morose ruminations were interrupted by Benny Katz, who wanted anyone he could find to listen to his tale of woe .

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