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51- A well-formed XHTML document adheres to all the syntax requirements of XML.

52- D’s declaration, statement and expression syntax closely matches that of C++.

53- His online novelette The Wages of syntax was on the Nebula Award final ballot.

54- They view mathematics as pure syntax: the manipulation of symbols according to certain rules.

55- The “Irish bull” is to the sense of a statement what the dangling participle is to the syntax.

56- This kind of processing is supported by Scheme’s “let-syntax” and “define-syntax” macro creation systems.

57- These are recognizers that process abstract syntax trees which can be automatically generated by parsers.

58- The full syntax is more verbose, but allows for more options to be specified, and is more descriptive if read carefully.

59- A per-language front end parses the source code in that language and produces an abstract syntax tree (“tree” for short).

60- Parallels in structure of lexicon and syntax between New Hebrides Bislama and the South Santo language as spoken at Tangoa.

61- HTTP URI syntax does not provide a standard way to express the URN for the book title in the context of the DNS name for the library branch.

62- Experienced programmers learning new languages can also gain a lot of information about a given language’s syntax and structure from a hello world program.

63- Fromkin developed a 300-word vocabulary and syntax for the series, and “translated” scripts into her created Pakuni language for the series’ first two seasons.

64- However braille music assigns an entirely separate meaning to each braille symbol or group of symbols, different from literary braille, and has its own syntax and abbreviations.

65- “The Razz: Clubbing nation: The sound of syntax is no Fluke”.

66- ” By abolishing syntax, the analogies would become more effective.

67- The chinese room argument showed that semantics is not intrinsic to syntax.

68- Space syntax argues that these values often predict the car traffic flow of streets.

69- In SQL, by using CREATE VIEW syntax, it is able to define derived relation variables.

70- The corresponding Oracle syntax SQL statement is assumed to be as follows: SELECT t1.

71- The abum was later licensed by syntax Records in the USA and by Tri Eight Records in Japan in 2002.

72- Asser’s prose style has been criticised for weak syntax, stylistic pretensions, and garbled exposition.

73- The behavior of domain objects can be expressed using a combination of declarative and procedural syntax.

74- How much of animal communication can be said to have the same properties as human language (e.g. syntax )?

75- By means of an auxiliary structure definition TeXML overcomes the syntax based differences between TeX and XML.

76- Oberon version Bitmap of Meier’s hand-optimized syntax bitmap fonts as they appeared in the Oberon operating system.

77- As a programming language it has two really unusual features (the fixed-point data type and the non-alphabetic syntax).

78- Generic programming in Free Pascal Free Pascal implemented generics before Delphi, and with different syntax and semantics.

79- Alasdair’s work on spatial analysis constitutes the foundation of the agent model and supports research in space syntax theory.

80- They use advanced syntax with a lot of automated formatting which use common framework enabling easy creation of new infoboxes.

81- Sinclair’s Microdrive command syntax was so complex that a selling point of many disk interfaces was that their commands were simpler.

82- These models provide evidence that there may, in fact, be sufficient information contained in the input to learn language, even syntax.

83- For example, code can be parsed while being written, providing instant feedback on syntax errors.

84- BIND is based on a data specification written using Abstract syntax Notation 1 ( ASN.1 ) language.

85- However, many believed that the syntax and semantics of table:formula was not defined in sufficient detail.

86- ABAP syntax This brief description of the ABAP syntax begins inevitably with the ubiquitous “Hello World” program.

87- Some schemes also specify in which syntax the elements must be encoded, in contrast to syntax independent schemes.

88- The CSS file can be edited comfortably in the Sobi2 administration panel, using an editor with syntax highlighting.

89- The GOSUB command may be used to emulate subroutines in a BASIC dialect that does not support subroutines in its syntax.

90- They are however of tremendous importance for diachronic studies of vocabulary and to a lesser extent grammar and syntax.

91- FASM and NASM have similar syntax, but each support different macros that could make them difficult to translate to each other.

92- The HTML shown inside the syntax block in each of the conditional comments denotes any block of HTML content, including script.

93- Scheme object It is possible also to create a Guile object, which is a number, but created with a script, written in the Scheme syntax.

94- More complex error propagation can be achieved using the Error or ErrorT monads, for which similar syntax (using `catch`) is supported.

95- Singlish is full of cultural nuances and wordplay, and it pulls together the best in the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of many languages.

96- This ‎syntax in the context of the concept of Becoming (shodan) expresses transition, ‎and in the context of Doing (kardan) expresses action.

97- “Tog” later expanded the program to include both the LISP and UCSD Pascal language syntax, redistributing it under the name, “Cattlecar Galactica.

98- ALGOL 68 Both ALGOL 68 ‘s choice clauses (if and the case clauses) provide the coder with a choice of either the “bold” syntax or the “brief” form.

99- Jasmin as an assembler takes ASCII descriptions of JVM Classes, written in a simple assembler-like syntax using the Java Virtual Machine instruction set.

100- The use of ASCII text and a straightforward syntax for both CSN and OSN ensure that they can be parsed easily and understood directly by users and developers.

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