stutter in a sentence

stutter meaning:

v. t. & i.) To hesitate or stumble in uttering words; to speak with spasmodic repetition or pauses; to stammer.

n.) a stammer.

n.) One who stutters; a stammerer.

stutter sentence:

The children teased the boy because of his stutter.

John doesn’t speak a lot because he stutters.

The researchers examined the effects of stuttering on kids.

He had a slight stutter that persisted into his teenage years.

In her fright she had begun to stutter.

When he’s depressed, he stutters.

He stuttered out what he had to say.

As a child he had a stuttering problem which he conquered.

For many people who stutter, repetition is the primary problem.

The cause of stuttering is unknown, yet widely debated.

If stuttering becomes excessive, please call your pediatrician.

suddenly the car gave a stutter and the engine died.

Adora reveals her name in a stuttered manner.

The students mocked the teacher’s stutter until he became furious and ordered them to be quiet.

To conceal a stutter, Fields did not speak onstage.

He stuttered and I heard plenty of stories about how he was tormented.

Shawn has a stutter, but is meeting regularly with a speech therapist to work on it.

I haven’t noticed any lag or stuttering in the device and find it to be a very responsive device.

The engine was stuttering and cutting out.

Psychoanalysis has claimed success in the treatment of stuttering.

Up until the age of 12, Conrad stuttered.

The song is accompanied by falling piano notes and stuttering drums.

He stutters and when nervous, the condition becomes much more prevalent.

The researchers discovered that children with stutters appear to do as well as children without the speech impairment.

When Barclay finally arrives, he stutters an excuse and reveals his true self as seemingly bumbling and incompetent.

The most common strategy used in this phase is called voluntary stuttering, in which the person stutters on purpose.

A man visited his doctor because he had a severe stuttering problem.

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