strengthened in a sentence

Corporate governance and accountability are being strengthened.

Suspicion that this amounts to insider trading has strengthened.

They strengthened the embankments to secure the village against floods.

Studies show that responses are strengthened when followed by a satisfying consequence.

The brutal rule of Josef Stalin strengthened Russian dominance of the U.S.S.R. at a cost of tens of millions of lives.

Helen Keller once said that character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

And she has strengthened the feminist analysis of Krytyka Polityczna.

With this in mind, the newly strengthened and expanded grass-court season.

Third, at national level, it is vital that proven efforts are strengthened.

In this contained story, the bond between the three women is only strengthened.

Security measures in the city have been strengthened, the statement read.”

Learn something, and the synapses needed to know it will be chemically strengthened.

I am positive that it not only saved me but that it has truly strengthened me.

The U.S. dollar strengthened to 120.22 yen while the euro gained slightly to $1.1196.

As the dollar strengthened throughout 2015, the iPhone has become more expensive abroad.

I only recently met her at a networking event, which only strengthened my respect for her.

Immediately, speculation was that the HDP would be weakened, the AKP would be strengthened.

Did we quiver with the thought, but then strengthened in the light of this new dawn?

Sanders went in as the chief challenger and he came out the same — maybe even strengthened.

The impact of these developments, unfortunately, strengthened the Muslim grievance narrative.

Mayo resident Geri Lee Buyck says the canoe trip strengthened her resolve to protect the Peel.

Michael Wildes, a former federal prosecutor, says the fiance visa process should be strengthened.

During sleep it seems that important connections are strengthened and unimportant ones are pruned.

The truce in Ukraine is “holding and being strengthened,” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg says.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Delores has strengthened as it moves away from Mexico’s southwestern coast.

They strengthened me during my bitter agony .

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