Spokesperson in a sentence

An immigration spokesperson has indicated that the refugees will all be allowed to stay in the country.

A spokesperson for the tobacco company claimed that the government ban on advertising was unfair and unconstitutional.

According to a spokesperson for the anti-poverty group, making laws against panhandling doesn’t address the source of the problem.

His spokesperson did not immediately respond to request for comment.

A spokesperson for Netflix told ZDNet that there had been no change.

A J. Crew spokesperson also reportedly declined to comment to Gawker.

NB Power spokesperson Meghan Gerrish says the high winds are to blame.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the entity has a leader or spokesperson.

A Microsoft spokesperson was not available for comment over the weekend.

We received a call at 11:31 p.m. from that address, a spokesperson said.

A Saudi coalition spokesperson was not immediately available to comment.

Perhaps the most visible spokesperson for social selling is Jill Rowley.

We are glad to put this trial behind us, a spokesperson for Kleiner said.

spokesperson Jeffery Carleton said the likeness escaped everyone’s notice.

A campus spokesperson said the person killed wasn’t enrolled at the school.

781230 There is nothing wrong on our end”” now, a Google spokesperson said.”

Facebook is cooperating with law enforcement, according to the spokesperson.

On Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson said the man’s tests came back negative.

The “60 Minutes” spokesperson declined to elaborate on Logan’s current status.

spokesperson Radhia Achouri said other details were not immediately available.

“We don’t work with this legislator closely,” said spokesperson Ginny Merriam.

A police spokesperson has said that investigators have some leads and evidence.

When reached for comment, Sanders’ spokesperson Michael Briggs was magnanimous.

A JCPenney spokesperson said the company does not comment on personnel matters.

Those tests will be done in the next couple of weeks, a city spokesperson said.

The other driver was released Thursday afternoon, a hospital spokesperson said.

The base receives several different hydro bills each month, a spokesperson said.

More than 1,000 people attended the service, according to a school spokesperson.

A Squamish Terminals spokesperson said all 40 to 60 workers left the dock safely.

A spokesperson with the city said a storage room on the second floor caught fire.

But a spokesperson for Dias Griffin says she wasn’t actually asking for $450,000.

A spokesperson told CBC Saturday that the home sustained severe structural damage.

A spokesperson says a building on the Thermal Engineering campus was knocked down.

The spokesperson defended the practice, stating that it is common in the industry.

Linda Durrett, a CDOT spokesperson, said the work could be finished in a few days.

417001 Its spokesperson responded, Cereal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast.”

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