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1- Male tarantulas have special spinnerets surrounding the genital opening.

2- Any one spider can produce different kinds of silk from different spinnerets .

3- Spiders usually have six fingerlike silk glands called spinnerets located beneath their abdomen.

4- spinnerets are flexible tubelike structures from which the spider exudes its silk.

5- spinnerets are also of two types.

6- Wolf Spiders carry their spherical egg sacs slung from the spinnerets .

7- Two glands produce liquid silk and force it through openings in the head called spinnerets .

8- From one of her spinnerets , she extrudes a thin filament of silk.

9- Behind the mandibles of the caterpillar are the spinnerets , for manipulating silk.

10- Silk for the sperm web of the tarantula is exuded from these special spinnerets .

11- Trigonotarbids can be envisaged as spider-like arachnids, but without silk-producing spinnerets .

12- To make it into a fibre it is dissolved in acetone and put through spinnerets .

13- The product range included spinnerets , components and testing equipment for the man-made fiber, textile and plastics industry.

14- Harvestmen do not have spinnerets and do not possess poison glands, posing absolutely no danger to humans.

15- A modified set of salivary glands, spinnerets , produce silk, which is discussed later on this page.

16- Tarantulas, like almost all other spiders, have their primary spinnerets at the end of the opisthosoma.

17- Since Miguel has organic spinnerets , pressure on his forearms has occasionally caused him to release webbing without meaning to.

18- In order to protect the spinnerets , an efficient filtration of the melt is, in any case is necessary.

19- Petrunkevitch placed the species in a new genus Moenkhausiana, due to its unusual and distinct spinnerets and leg proportions.

20- Depending on the complexity of the species, spiders will have two to eight sets of spinnerets , usually in pairs.

21- The katipo then moves to the prey, turns so that the spinnerets are facing the insect and spins silk over it.

22- Spider-like arachnids with silk-producing spigots appeared in the Devonian period about 386 million years ago , but these animals apparently lacked spinnerets .

23- When a spider wants to make a web, it squeezes the silk out of the two small holes at the back of its body called spinnerets .

24- In some of these mineral fossils, it is possible to see evidence of spinnerets , the organs spiders use to spin their web silk.

25- I like to call it “the happy dance”, for they will turn in circles while dipping their spinnerets to the ground, forming a “blanket” on which they will lay the digesting cricket.

26- Many of the more intriguing features can be better seen when magnified, such as their eyes, their spinnerets , the pads on their feet, and their fangs!

27- Spinneret and Extrusion The spinnerets used for manufacturing most of the synthetic fibers have many holes ranging from one to several hundred holes which gives it an appearance similar to that of a bathroom shower head.

28- You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who loves Spider-Man more than I have over the past four decades, but I was perfectly fine with the built-in spinnerets and the armor-clad Green Goblin.

29- Spiders (Araneae) are distinguished from other arachnid groups by several characteristics, including spinnerets and, in males, pedipalps that are specially adapted for sperm transfer.

30- However these spigots may have been mounted on the underside of the abdomen rather than on spinnerets , which are modified appendages and whose mobility is important in the building of webs.

31- The abdomen has no appendages except those that have been modified to form one to four (usually three) pairs of short, movable spinnerets , which emit silk.

32- Unlike most spider species in the suborder Araneomorphae, which includes the majority of extant spider species, and most of which have six, tarantula species have two or four spinnerets .

33- The male mounts the posterior portion of the female’s abdomen, while rubbing his spinnerets on her abdomen during his attempt at copulation.

34- Instead of having mechanical webshooters in the 2002 live-action “Spider-Man” film, Spider-Man grows spinnerets in his forearms, along with his other powers, although the film’s novelization states that Peter made bracelets similar to the comic web shooters to help him aim his shots.

35- By pressing down with his middle fingers to his palm, he causes the pores to open and the spinnerets to eject the organic fluid with a force equal to or greater than that of his web-shooters.

36- According to the new 2007 Spider-Man handbook, Parker has grown spinnerets in his forearms that terminate in small pores at the junction of his wrists.

37- In the three feature films directed by Sam Raimi, Spider-Man’s body produces biological webbing from spinnerets in his wrists as a result of the bite from a genetically engineered spider.

38- The katipo uses these to scoop sticky silk from her spinnerets and throws it over the insect with a series of rapid movements.

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