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101- 771445The Progress M-27M spacecraft ceased to exist at 05:04 Moscow time (0204 GMT) on 8 May 2015.”

102- Expedition 42 commander Barry Wilmore of NASA rests in a chair outside the Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft

103- NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006 and traveled 3 billion miles to the dwarf planet.

104- The money will be used to further the work SpaceX is doing to make and launch rockets and spacecraft.

105- The New Horizons spacecraft is headed deeper into the band of objects after Tuesday’s flyby of Pluto.

106- His doctoral dissertation at M.I.T. dealt with the piloting and rendezvous of two spacecraft in orbit.

107- And the team does plan to do this, spinning up the spacecraft to achieve a steady orientation instead.

108- For instance, it would have been possible to convert the ATV cargo spacecraft into a manned spaceship.

109- He maneuvered around the spacecraft while McDivitt took photographs.

110- In 1969, Kraft was named deputy director of the Manned spacecraft Center (MSC).

111- An auxiliary mirror was used for viewing the lunar surface beneath the spacecraft.

112- Roscosmos career Skripochka is pictured inside the Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft on docking day with the ISS.

113- Coverage of spacecraft is aimed at setting level issues such as choosing the technology used by spacecraft in the game.

114- Beagle 2 was an unsuccessful British landing spacecraft that formed part of the European Space Agency ‘s 2003 Mars Express mission.

115- The RCA Satcom -Ku-band satellite design was used extensively for the spacecraft bus, propulsion, thermal protection, and solar array.

116- Krung drops the final crucial part for Con-Rad’s spacecraft, and the robots return to the ship and begin their escape from the planet.

117- Unmanned Spaceflight Subcategories of unmanned spaceflight are “robotic spacecraft” (objects) and “robotic space missions” (activities).

118- The gun was aimed by maneuvering the entire spacecraft.

119- Journey The spacecraft‘s journey to Mars would take about ten months.

120- The second spacecraft, ARTEMIS P2, moved into lunar orbit as of July 17, 2011.

121- To save mission costs, the spacecraft will be in “hibernation” between Jupiter and Pluto.

122- A spin detector failed, and the spacecraft gyro output was biased by the radiation environment.

123- A silica-based aerogel was used in the Stardust spacecraft to collect extraterrestrial particles.

124- Second, docking maneuvers commence that are similar to traditional cooperative spacecraft docking.

125- The volcano was discovered by the Mariner 9 spacecraft in 1971 and was originally called Middle Spot.

126- The image, of the crater Copernicus, is from the Lunar Orbiter 2 spacecraft taken on November 24, 1966.

127- Such wide-field Air Force telescopes were designed for optical observation of Earth orbital spacecraft.

128- Energy Supply Ship Climber-1 Small unmanned energy resupply spacecraft stored aboard Division I: Izanagi.

129- The program ran from 24 October 1957-10 December 1963, and was canceled just after spacecraft construction had begun.

130- Odyssey used a technique called ” aerobraking ” that gradually brought the spacecraft closer to Mars with each orbit.

131- However Bond uses a self-destruct button in Blofeld’s lair to destroy the Bird 1 spacecraft which catches other spacecraft.

132- LaRC researchers use more than 40 wind tunnels to study improved aircraft and spacecraft safety, performance, and efficiency.

133- Longer works The longer tales are all adventures taking place on the planets themselves, with few passages set aboard spacecraft.

134- Wooden mock-ups of the Mercury space capsules also realistically depicted the NASA spacecraft and were built from the original mold.

135- The landing capsule had four triangular petals which would open after landing, righting the spacecraft and exposing the instrumentation.

136- Round parachutes were selected over the Rogallo wing to be used on the Gemini spacecraft and on 1965, funding on flexible wings stopped.

137- Siddiqi, p.274 Gagarin entered the Vostok 1 spacecraft, and at 7:10 am local time (04:10 UTC), the radio communication system was turned on.

138- PETSAT consists of a combination of standardised subsystem panels that are hinged together and deploy/unfold once the spacecraft is in orbit.

139- Soyuz TM-33 is a Russian astronaut-transporting spacecraft that was launched by a Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur at 08:59 UT on 21 October 2001.

140- In 2500, space traveler Tom travels to a nebula in a bubble-shaped spacecraft that contains a garden and a dying tree that represents his lost love.

141- EH has a 360 o planar FOV tangent to the spacecraft surface which can be electrostatically deflected into a cone up to ±45 o out of its normal plane.

142- The spacewalkers also tested the redesigned SAFER jet packs, to be used in the event an astronaut became separated from the spacecraft during a spacewalk.

143- The space near the planet is home to the space station Port Sesefron, a docking place for Xaxisian battleships and other spacecraft visiting the star system.

144- The Voyager 1 spacecraft is a 722 kilogram (1,592 lb ) space probe launched by NASA in 1977, to study the outer Solar System and eventually interstellar space.

145- An EDS monitors critical launch vehicle and spacecraft systems and issues status, warning and abort commands to the crew during their mission to low Earth orbit.

146- The plaques feature the nude figures of a human male and female along with several symbols that are designed to provide information about the origin of the spacecraft.

147- ” The LCROSS trajectory An illustration of the LCROSS Centaur rocket stage and shepherding spacecraft as they approach impact with the lunar south pole on October 9, 2009.

148- Possible Methane One study with the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer in the Mars Express spacecraft found possible methane in three areas of Mars, one of which was in Arabia.

149- Accompanied by a thick “spacecraft Operations” manual with a chapter on use in the classroom, this flight simulator was marketed as being as educational as it was fun to play.

150- Supplies and fuel would have to be prepared for a 2-3 year round trip and the spacecraft would have to be designed with at least partial shielding from intense solar radiation.

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