sniff in a sentence

I sniffed the smell.

The dog was sniffing a stick.

We sniffed at the food suspiciously.

The dog sniffed at the ser.

blay_paul The cat sniffed suspiciously at the food.

The lion raised its head, and sniffed the air.

Here, take a sniff of this perfume.

Isn’t that nice? If you sniff glue, it could cause serious health probleMs. The child wiped away a tear, and sniffed a couple of times.

Find someone who has snuck into a movie without paying.

sniff The little girl sniffed a couple of times and wiped away a tear.

At the first sniff of danger, the animal ran back into its hole.

Bambi raised his head and sniffed the air.

Fire had come to the forest! As she got in the new car she took a sniff of the luxurious leather seats.

I got a sniff of something burning when I woke up, and went outside the tent.

The bear sniffed the air, it could smell salmon cooking on a barbecue not too far away.

Children in the isolated village have been sniffing gasoline to get over their boredom.

My dog kept sniffing at my clothes after I came home from our class field trip to a farm.

soak I had trouble concentrating during the test because the guy beside me kept coughing and sniffling.

Every time my dog meets another dog they go through this whole routine of sniffing each other’s buMs. Loren Eisley once observed that like the herd animals we are, we sniff warily at the strange one among us.

Every time my dog meets another dog, he just has to go through this whole bum-sniffing ritual before we can continue our walk.

Children in some of our remote northern communities have taken to sniffing gasoline to escape the harsh reality of a life of poverty and isolation.

Five of Artibello’s dogs are specially trained to sniff out bedbugs.

A sniffling and apologetic Ulbricht told Forrest he’s a changed man.

For the artists, the temperature shocks have meant sniffles and colds.

465269 Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.”””

“They sniffed it, and the bear wasn’t aggressive or anything like that.

He went to his grandfather’s boat and sniffed gasoline until he became numb.

Beyond lie more fences, police patrols, sniffer dogs and heat-seeking scanners.

Earlier this month there was a drug sweep that used 10 dogs to sniff out probleMs.

Bags were not allowed into the arena and police are patrolling with sniffer dogs.

We did some tests sniffing pure chocolate, but it was not strong enough, Persoone said.

Or why we’re all coughs and sniffles during the winter but are rarely sick in the summer?

It added that the all-clear was given after a full search of the arena with sniffer dogs.

And like a sniffer dog, he was rewarded with a treat: marula, a fruit that elephants love.

But you don’t have to have the nose of an Attorney General to sniff out a fake phone call.

Another eye-witness said two police cars with sniffer dogs in were also parked in the area.

The chocolate shooter comes with a warning in the box to not sniff too much, Persoone said.

Passengers left the planes safely, and bomb-sniffing dogs were searching them, McCranie said.

Even with a weak NFC East, this depleted Dallas roster won’t sniff the Super Bowl this season.

In his account, Jun described seeing some of his friends sniffing glue and taking other drugs.

789799 There will be K-9 searches sniffing for bombs and used in the process, authorities said.

Ensuring no one in the pub makes a dash for it, the officers then call in the sniffer dog team.

Once those Chechens sniff Russian troops in the neighborhood, the knives will be out, literally.

Clive Owen and Eve Best circle their cage and sniff their prey like polite, existential panthers.

I have made him wear a tee shirt and I’ve got it with me so I can have cheeky sniffs every night!

They deployed large rats, attached by leashes to long poles, that had been trained to sniff out TNT.

Given what we now know, and to put it in appropriately blunt terms: That fails to pass the sniff test.

They’re already adept at sniffing out bullshit.

She sniffed and went into action .

Maggie studied the amber liquid in the glass, then sniffed it.

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