sharp in a sentence

The teeth abrade away against one another, giving them a constantly sharp edge.

She is sharp.

He has sharp hearing.

She has a sharp nose.

He turned sharp left.

Birds have sharp eyes.

She has a sharp tongue.

We climbed a sharp slope.

He got home at seven sharp.

He was aware of a sharp pain.

He has a sharp eye for jewels.

He has a sharp eye for painting.

A dog has a sharp sense of smell.

He made a sharp turn to the right.

There was a sharp peal of thunder.

The boy was very sharp at physics.

His sharp words seemed to hurt her.

Vinegar has a sharp taste.

I felt a sharp pain in the stomach.

Don’t be so sharp with the children.

His pencil has a sharp point.

His sharp eyes never missed a mistake.

A sharp crack of thunder split the sky.

The boy liked to keep his pencils sharp.

The road makes a sharp right turn there.

I had a sharp pain in my chest yesterday.

He was attacked by a sharp pain in his stomach.

Be careful with that knife, it is really sharp.

He’s pretty sharp, you won’t be able to fool him.

Bald eagles scoop up fish with their sharp claws.

All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.

The soldier kept a sharp lookout in the darkness.

The bullet train we were on pulled out at sharp.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach all of a sudden.

Ronaldo cut his foot on a sharp rock at the beach.

All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

He felt a sharp pain in his back when he bent over.

There is a sharp turn coming up so you’d better slow down.

He almost lost control of the car going around a sharp corner.

I got a sharp stitch in my side after running a couple of miles.

He ran his finger along the knife blade to see how sharp it was.

We clipped our cats claws because they were getting a little sharp.

The dentist is going to file her tooth down because it is too sharp.

We ground down the ends of the metal, so they wouldn’t be too sharp.

The stainless steel blade on this knife will remain sharp for years.

Now it would be better to keep a sharp lookout for what he might do.

The teeth of a piranha fish are very sharp and can cut like a razor.

The sharp claws of the cat help it to protect itself and to catch food.

The spikes on the cactus are super sharp and really hurt if you touch them.

Find someone who has shared his/her lunch with someone in the past month.

The sharp increase in oil prices is expected to cause a downturn in the economy.

There is an Afghani proverb that observes that poor iron won’t make a sharp sword.

The prisoner had fashioned a number of sharp implements, which he had then hidden in his cell.

Native peoples of South America catch piranha, and use their razor-sharp teeth to make tools and weapons.

Native peoples of South America catch piranhas, and use their razor-sharp teeth to make tools and weapons.

In the 1400s, the scandalous and corrupt life of the higher clergy in Europe began to draw sharp criticism.

I have a hard time seeing the logic of this latest decision of his.

He just isn’t as sharp as he used to be.

Holmes heard a sharp intake of breath when he walked into the room and faced the woman who thought she had killed him.

Tyson finished the boxing match with a sharp jab to the stomach, and then a devastating punch to the head of his opponent.

Birds of prey, such as owls and eagles, all share the common features of talons with sharp claws, a sharp hooked beak, and large eyes.

You’re doing good work here, but you need to try to be a little more punctual.

I expect to see you at your desk at 8:30 sharp, not at quarter to nine.

The recent hype surrounding the corporation’s successes with its cancer-fighting drugs has resulted in a sharp increase in the value of its shares on the stock market.

What Alice, waiting for a reply, was faced with was a sudden howl.

It was a resounding noise, sharp as to burst her ear drums, loud as to reach unto the heavens.

Country music singer Kevin sharp, 43, died in Fair Oaks, California.

It has been pretty intense, it’s been sharp and we train how we play.

Use a mandoline or a sharp chef’s knife to cut beets into matchsticks.

“We were not as sharp as we needed to be with our ball screen defense.

Yet, what made Nash’s presentation amazing was his sharp mind and wit.

sharp will still maintain a presence in the Americas, just not in TVs.

I didn’t feel like my game was where it needed to be, it wasn’t sharp.”

The oil industry was also being hit by the sharp drop in energy prices.

Imagine he had to emergency break or do a sharp turn, that dog’s dead!”

The Nationals also were sharp with their gloves, until Werth’s misplay.

In the end, sharp may have to obtain support from some company, he said.

A phobia of sharp objects. 7. Which book will you take with you to read?

It was hanging on my cheek,” said Ms. Church, a razor-sharp 83-year-old.

“I am leaving the sport with all my faculties, I’m still sharp and smart.

It’s a recipe to get countered by the undefeated Mayweather’s sharp right.

As a surgeon, you have to have a hard heart and a sharp knife, he told AP.

920926 “We were on an even keel but being staggered by short, sharp blows.

This despite the sharp drop in the city’s population, and child population.

Seb has a razor sharp wit; he is courteous and gentle, boisterous and loud.

sharp says the TV will go on sale on October 30 and will be an 85-inch set.

The major impact in both countries has been a sharp increase in inequality.

The sound is altogether wonderfully clear, sharp-contoured and well-aerated.

sharp had other schools who showed insterst, but WBC was the first to offer.

Thompson pairs a sharp, breaking slider with a changeup and low-90s fastball.

Maduro’s accusations spurred a sharp response from the U.S. State Department.

Sales in the last fiscal year fell 4.8 percent 2.78 trillion yen, sharp said.

Sales in the past fiscal year fell 4.8 percent to ?2.78 trillion, sharp said.

Galeano remained a sharp critic of capitalism and of U.S. policies to the end.

Since the new department arrived, there’s been a sharp drop in reported crime.

One problem is that older lenses often aren’t sharp enough to resolve details.

sharp says she first started following the progression of the TIF plan in 2012.

The right-wing violence in Germany has seen a sharp rise in the past few weeks.

Tammie Friesland returned home unharmed according to reports from sharp County.

Patrick sharp waited by the post but couldn’t get a stick on the trickling puck.

He managed to catch himself, but the sharp rock he grabbed sliced open his hand.

And she says making the time to swim regularly has helped keep her fit and sharp.

Neither is sharp accessible on (International Broadway Data Base) either.

But the poor resort to more “traditional” methods, such as poison or sharp objects.

That is some very sharp pain if it is going to stop a 300-pound man,” Johnson said.

I have a sharp pain going to my neck, to my shoulder on my right side, Zaveck said.

Expectations for ECB easing are in sharp contrast to those for U.S. monetary policy.

A daughter, Thelma Holloway, told the Free Press that Talley still has a sharp mind.

I think everybody in our locker-room knew we had to play better, said Patrick sharp.

The 3.4-mile-high (5.5 kilometers) Mount sharp rises from the center of Gale Crater.

In reply, Bangladesh made a bright start but fell foul to some sharp India fielding.

“The teeth were not sharp in that May 2011 proposal,” said Naylor of Public Citizen.

The end of prior iterations in 2010 and 2011 were followed by sharp market selloffs.

912377 We need to avoid this pattern in 2016, and keep a sharp eye on the long-term.”

Unsurprisingly, there is a sharp partisan divide in how both organizations are rated.

But Cruz holds a sharp fundraising advantage over Bush when it comes to small donors.

919234 We’ve just got to remain mentally sharp, mentally sound and focus on tomorrow.”

It’s very uncomfortable to hold, with sharp edges that dig into your palm and fingers.

This sharp appreciation has weighed heavily on (commodity) prices over the past month.

264851 He broke sharp and really liked the track and was never challenged, Ortiz said.”

Then moments later, Golovkin hit Monroe again with a sharp left for a second knockdown.

Leave to set at room temperature and cut into pieces once set using a very sharp knife.

Familia retired Christian Yelich on a sharp grounder with two runners on base to end it.

Many investors hope the equity market becomes less volatile after August’s sharp swings.

It’s a sharp contrast to the lack of the white stuff at eastern resorts so far this year.

sharp‘s mother contacted the Kahului Salvation Army, which in turn contacted Maui police.

Murphy has also played sharp defense at second and made all the right moves on the bases.

Plans for Haifa are consistent with the original intent of A&M two years ago, sharp said.

This drew a sharp retort from China, which called the threat “shocking and unacceptable”.

It will lead to a sharp decline in consumer purchase, Coca-Cola India said in a statement.

sharp also served as personal coach to Olympic gymnasts Bridget Sloan and Samantha Peszek.

We creep through hallways, take sharp turns and gingerly walk through dimly lit corridors.

The monetary policy adjustment will also help curb sharp fluctuations in the stock market.

The stick emits a sharp buzzing noise, and within seconds the computer shuts off entirely.

The 69-year-old had suffered 45 sharp and blunt force injuries to his head, neck and hands.

The talks took place amid a sharp spike in hostilities in eastern Ukraine over the weekend.

Beyond 4K, sharp developed an engineering trick to make its high-end set look even sharper.

357918 I never watched his television show and didn’t realize how politically sharp he was.

32019 Allies expressed their serious concern about the recent sharp escalation of violence.

Firefighters managed to slow it down, but are keeping a sharp eye on it due to strong winds.

The logo of sharp Corp is seen at Tochigi plant in Yaita, north of Tokyo, November 19, 2015.

Lahoma Mayor Theresa sharp, 47, said the outcry has also included calls for her resignation.

Miller had 25. Benn, the NHL scoring leader with 17 points, assisted on sharp‘s second goal.

He cited a witness at Ormoc port who saw the boat make a sharp turn just before it capsized.

Experts believe that after the sharp April rise consumer inflation may slow down this month.

I’ve got to find a way to stay sharp, find a way to just be out there competing for the guys.

9/11 comments rile Republicans The comments were also a sharp jab at Trump’s rival, Jeb Bush.

“This sharp increase is because our government has opened the gate to Kinmen for the Chinese.

Between 1:21 a.m. and 1:28 a.m. the plane appears to change course, making a sharp left turn.

Leading that decline was a sharp 6.7 percent monthly drop in starts for single-family houses.

Messages seeking comment were left Sunday at the academy and with sharp‘s attorney, Jim Voyles.

Last October, IBM’s sharp drop after earnings wiped just over $1 billion off Berkshire’s books.

T> which has staged a strong comeback to eat into sharp‘s sales of smartphone screens in China.

Matt Moore, who started the first game, was not nearly as sharp as the other Matt for the Rays.

Sussex saw a sharp rise in the mid-afternoon to 1448, but dropped back to 960 by late afternoon.

The multimillionaire had suffered 45 blunt and sharp force injuries to his head, neck and hands.

Wiggs said, “It looks very sharp and you can do more than, you know, just the standard peeling.”

His words drew a sharp response from Alkan, the officer mourning his brother at Sunday’s funeral.

Since his arrest, Jones has said he has stayed sharp by playing pickup basketball games in parks.

sharp has warned shareholders of a six-month operating loss due to poor smartphone display sales.

The world traveler and sharp-minded woman with advanced multiple sclerosis said she would be fine.

Halak beat them 3-0 on Jan. 13. Henrik Lundqvist was also sharp for the Rangers in making 34 saves.

She stripped down to reveal a full suit that mapped out the human body in sharp and graphic detail.

But there was a sharp rise in the number of deaths among Latino maintenance workers who trim trees.

Monday’s buying was partly a recovery from last week’s drop, a common response to a sharp sell-off.

Steel prices have plunged because of a sharp fall in demand in China, the world’s biggest producer.

The rim of Gale Crater can be seen to the left, and the base of Mount sharp is to the center-right.

Southwest’s fuel bill dropped 33 percent, thanks to the sharp slide in oil prices since last summer.

735731 Their mother, 44 -year-old April, was killed by nearly twice as many sharp force injuries.”””

Mount sharp has been the rover’s ultimate science destination since before its November 2011 launch.

The brands that will be licensed to Hisense include sharp, Aquos and Quattron, sharp‘s release said.

Wikileaks’ action is a sharp departure from the method taken by journalists in the mainstream media.

Sarah Sis, a daughter of sharp Humor, ran 1 mile on a fast track in 1:38.24 with Julio Felix riding.

The prominent businessman had suffered 45 sharp and blunt force injuries to his head, neck and hands.

Yet its growth rate marks a sharp drop from China’s sizzling double-digit expansion in previous years.

According to Ito, the triangle’s sharp right and acute angles suggest the possibility of pain.

If they’re not irretrievably addled , the puppies from Por Tanssie cut a sharp caper.

Aftershock waves are continuing every few minutes, short but sharp.

Exercise your mind Just as physical exercise is essential for a strong body, mental exercise is equally essential for a sharp and agile mind .

sharp also advocated parliamentary reform and the legislative independence of Ireland, and agitated against the impressment of sailors for the Navy.

Lorrie Moore writes short stories that perfectly capture the sharp agonies of human relationships.

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