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1- The toe after the spot has scabbed and fallen off.

2- It never scabbed over totally, it just diminished through time.

3- The Burnley Club scabbed a draw in the last minute .

4- The growth becomes crusted and scabbed , and usually falls off within weeks.

5- Tabitha gasps at the sudden show of blood, licking her scabbed lip afterwards.

6- Broad clumsy beasts, scabbed and dirty white, with knives that hacked and smoking pistols.

7- The lesions are not itchy for the dogs but become inflamed and scabbed over time.

8- It’s Monday now, and it’s scabbed , but still kinda oozy.

9- Some UMW miners scabbed on the IWW strike, and others became informants for the state police.

10- All were scabbed over.

11- From the base of her gill to the base of her tail the gash looks to of scabbed over.

12- There’s little doubt Cano was hurt by their unwillingness to match but those wounds have scabbed over by now.

13- And, of course, she had a bruised, scabbed face for the blood drive and her school picture day!

14- Solutions to these problems should probably be built into the core protocol… not scabbed on by layers of jury-rigged patches.

15- Twelve feet tall, its face hidden by its hood, its rotting, scabbed hands outstretched, it advanced, sensing its way blindly toward him.

16- Then opens them again, blinking a couple of times, “Yeah, home.. this’ll keep me okay…” she touches her left hand.. the one with just two fingers and a thumb, the ring and middle finger scabbed over stumps.. to the source of the glow on her chest.

17- Some have suggested that the fibers are merely clothing fibers, and other common everyday material, that become attached to scabbed lesions accidentally; the sufferers, skeptics claim, are falsely convinced that the fibers are being produced by their bodies.

18- This is very different from a face peel you get from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, which uses phenol acid or a laser and is a major procedure that leaves you scabbed over for quite a while.

19- Walking outside was like entering the center of a freshly baked pie, and the winos and the skells would be down in the gulag, puking freshets and rapping their scabbed knuckles on the chain link.

20- I also told him a brief history of the spot – how it used to flare up, especially when I ate badly, and how it occasionally bled and scabbed , but had not done so in the last 6 weeks.

21- The little cut the glass made has already scabbed over, so if there were no glass in there, I don’t think it would hurt anymore.

22- The person who cares about how they look, who is a good mother, who has some meat on their bones, not all pale and scabbed up.

23- Both of them knew what damage these Hessian boots and the expensive felt hat could do to those scabbed wooden clogs and the coarse neckerchief.

24- The consonant “n” may also assimilate to the place of articulation of a following consonant, becoming labial before a labial consonant, palatal before a palatal consonant, and velar before a velar consonant . For example, the “nn” of “one” becomes in “a lame one” and in “a scabbed one”.

25- David took up the task of immortalizing Marat in the painting “The Death of Marat”, beautifying the skin that was discoloured and scabbed from his chronic skin disease in an attempt to create antique virtue.

26- Stage 7 – Healing: When a mouth blister has scabbed , the mending methodology is occurring from the back to front Stage 8 – Post Scab: At this stage, the mouth blister is no more obvious and your surface skin has recuperated.

27- He took a brief look at her feet ( by now so red and scabbed they looked burnt), said he’d seen worse, then handed me yet another prescription for steroid cream, even though I told him we had several half-used tubs at home.

28- Second, after disinfecting, I need to let it scab over, but what if the wound has already scabbed over? or you can’t tell because its kinda.. soggy looking and brown.First, lets take the turtle from the water and keep him dry for a week.

29- had passed before the wounds of the whip had scabbed .

30- i’d do it the same if I had it to do over- it saves their knees from getting all scabbed up.

31- “Besides, I’m not sure I’d ever feel comfortable with whatever tha old perv did ta them before he hid them away.” She licks her scabbed lip again.

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