savings in a sentence

I must look out Chester’s Junior Trustees savings Account Book .

He added to his savings.

I’ve run out of my savings.

He put her savings to good use.

I’d like to open a savings account.

He keeps all his savings in the bank.

Tom’s savings will soon run out.

I have a lot of money in my savings account.

I can fall back on my savings if I lose my job.

His savings will soon amount to one million yen.

What is the current rate of interest for a savings account?
It is always useful to have savings to fall back on.

She intended to withdraw all her savings from the bank.

My savings are so small that they won’t last much longer.

Interest accrued from the money left in my savings account.

If you run out of cash, you can fall back on your savings in the bank.

The clock in your computer automatically readjusts for daylight savings time.

Many families had lost their savings during the war and had nothing to fall back on.

In 1997, thousands of Albanians lost their life savings in various get-rich-quick schemes.

I put a portion of my salary into a savings account each month to use for our summer vacation.

The bank is under investigation following a financial scandal in which some elderly women were robbed of their savings.

The complainant in the case accused the defendant of cheating her out of her life savings in a phoney investment scheme.

A high household savings rate in Japan is attributed, among other things, to people’s desire to save money to buy a home.

A high savings rate is cited as one factor for Japan’s strong economic growth because it means the availability of abundant investment capital.

If Americans ate 10 percent less meat, the savings in grains would feed 60 million people, which is the number of people who starve worldwide each year.

The move is modest, producing savings of $900 a year per home buyer.

We don’t have a specific cost savings that we anticipate, said Chase.

Talent retention programs can bring significant savings to a company.

Here’s why, according to their study: 1. Power Purchase Cost savings.

savings accounts, CDs, money markets are going to be safe investments.

Jacobson said the savings could be substantial if low prices continue.

751025 The MUN Libraries website says it must find $300,000 in savings.

796489 These moves are not substantial savings, it is really symbolic.”

A safety net of savings is critical to making such a career transition.

You want the tax savings and don’t want to miss out on that free money.

The 50 percent savings doesn’t apply to T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan.

City administration have already found $29.9 million in savings for 2016.

Other than the $10-a-month discount, the promised savings aren’t unusual.

The Wall Street Journal calls me “the father of Health savings Accounts.”

The dismal savings come as cities brace for mandatory water restrictions.

They sold their car and dipped into their savings to make the trip happen.

After all, no business ever achieved greatness through cost-savings alone.

Ministers argue it could lead to large savings and benefits to the public.

Use a 529 savings plan, such as the low-cost Utah Educational savings Plan.

SHG members begin by using their savings to start small business activities.

All parties recognized retirement savings are a major concern, Udiaver said.

Some of those savings are invested domestically, and some in foreign assets.

526837 Oil companies are experiencing some cost savings in their operations.

That isn’t expected to pressure banks much to raise interest on your savings.

On another side of the same coin are retirees who hide their lack of savings.

Of those holding cash savings, 53 percent are hiding it in a secret location.

“The real savings is not about fraud, the real savings is about interchange.”

Union officials said the airline’s executives had turned down a savings plan.

A primary budget reflects the government’s ability to manage savings and debt.

This savings can be significant, and will increase with the prepayment amount.

savings increased to a $651.1 billion annual rate from $627.3 billion in June.

Clawing back our tax-free savings account is the last thing we need right now.

But the national savings rate isn’t as important as your personal savings rate.

About 27% said they weren’t sure how their savings were currently being invested.

In the program’s final year, the idea of savings appears to have been jettisoned.

The Act creates a new savings account for families with people with disabilities.

Set a New Year’s Resolution to increase savings by 12 percent in the coming year.

She said she sees the results of low savings first-hand with some of her clients.

Costs may have fallen but few of those savings are being passed on to passengers.

913089 We overeat, gamble away our savings and live like tomorrow will never come.

Keep in mind that these deals tend to peak in April, with savings of at least 30%.

She would have to draw down more of her retirement savings to pay for health care.

For breakfast locales, any bacon savings are needed to weather the egg price hike.

If you don’t have any money in savings, maybe you’re less likely to speed to work.

And that represents an annual savings of between $5- to $7 million,” Edwards said.

One of the most moving came from a small child who donated her entire savings, $12.

But you might be able to make that back with all of the savings you can get with it.

By simply being strategic about how you pay, you’ll qualify for even bigger savings.

856548 Those potential savings have eroded earlier resistance to OTAs, said Lanctot.

They’re gambling their grant money and savings in order to make it stretch further.”

With no work for months, he’s depleted his savings and cashed in part of his 401(k).

After all, cuts lead to savings, which in turn lead to investment and growth – right?

348992 In a country where a 4%-5% savings rate is average, 15% to 20% is outstanding.

Based on his current savings rate, he anticipates reaching $1 million within 10 years.

Röttgen pointed in particular to potential synergies and savings in military spending.

The district does anticipate some salary savings due to attrition, according to Gladu.

The savings come because you pay for these qualified expenses with the pre-tax monies.

The cost savings associated with a small house may be greater than initially imagined.

The MLA said the government will control spending, dip into savings and raise revenues.

947222 With midterm savings buckets, you still want to avoid exposure to too much risk.

Financial experts can help you sort out where your savings should be going in your 40s.

Next, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to fund this short-term savings bucket.

Think of it as a form of insurance against living so long that you deplete your savings.

58371 And with interest rates hovering near record lows, the savings can be substantial.

Huston says the fuel savings should return the added cost of an EV in four or five years.

It remains to be seen if consumers will parlay those savings into gifts for the holidays.

Or we can dramatically lower that figure and invest the savings in development,” he said.

“They are more concerned about whether their employees have enough in retirement savings.

588170 Republicans should welcome the savings guaranteed by cost-effective sex education.

339534 I live frugally, have no debt and have some savings, but things are still tenuous.

The best option is generally a tax-advantaged college savings account known as a 529 plan.

Today, state-owned savings bank Gaixa Geral de Dépositos has emerged as the market leader.

Unless of course, you hope that daylight savings time comes a few weeks earlier each year.

They’ve doubled the number of servers but the power savings are something like 80 percent.

The code has also resulted in generating AU$545 million in savings for customers per year.

Another 28 percent was building savings but hoarding less than 5 percent of annual incomes.

7. Thermostats on every floor “This is where you can get big energy savings,” said Furlong.

Continued budget uncertainty is driving executives to dig deeper and look for more savings.

But thanks to the lackluster energy savings, it’s a very expensive way to reduce pollution.

You may also be eligible for age-based savings for certain policies. 3. Find the discounts.

So he tapped his savings and bought the Blue Bottle, a downtown coffee shop and restaurant.

However, if they just think ahead a bit, they can start making sound savings decisions now.

My personal experience is that the bulk of our savings come from the stockpile, Hills says.

In addition, they allow employees to open and contribute to a Health savings Account (HSA).

Drop the level to nine per cent and the amount drops to $45,000, a savings of about $10,000.

But if interest rates increase over time, ARM increases will usually cancel out any savings.

Revenue missed expectations, but the company benefited from job cuts and other cost savings.

Many agencies reported savings ahead of a statewide conservation report due later this week.

The BBC wants to use savings from the closure of the BBC3 channel to invest in drama on BBC1.

Well, if you think about it, you don’t need access to all of your retirement savings at once.

197116 Do you have an emergency savings account with at least three months worth of expenses?

The conventional wisdom this year is that Americans have not been spending their gas savings.

As more households rely on building their own nest egg, they’ll need to put away more savings.

The relatively small investment could yield big returns through cost savings and lives spared.

The set of instruments where people can put their savings is still relatively limited in China.

That was a major increase over the 13.6 percent water savings in April, compared to April 2013.

They boost corporate profits by levying fines that outweigh any savings from wellness prograMs.
Having wealth and strong savings values is not necessarily leading women to invest more, either.

He also warned using any savings near the end of the fiscal year would be of particular concern.

The move comes only days after Greece proposed 8 billion euros in budget savings over two years.

“I had savings, I do own my own house, but because it’s gone on for so long, my savings are gone.

Her husband came along because they were going to use their savings for the $5,000 patenting fee.

Fuel savings, usually the strongest selling point for a new model, now seem less urgent, he said.

813551 The two fees can really add up to erode the retirement savings sitting in your old 401(k).

Food banks expect to save money That will mean savings for all the food banks, in time and money.

But the Lowes have had to repeatedly tap their household savings account, mostly for home repairs.

863675 Today, the savings rate isn’t stellar, but it’s higher than where we were in 2001 and 2008.

Allen said such scams are intended to rob victims of their savings, and are frequently successful.

Still, it doesn’t appear that consumers are spending their savings from low gas prices at the pump.

That’s the highest number since Bankrate started tracking savings five years ago, NBC News reports.

534169 One was a retired man, living in Florida, who lost all of his savings in a sweepstakes hoax.

And that’s the value of any equity you might have in a home, any savings and also your pension pot.

229881 For airlines, most of the savings from cheap fuel so far are translating into strong profits.

The savings from these measures would be channeled to finance capital investment and social outlays.

Any savings thanks to the euro’s decline will instead be pocketed by manufacturers and distributors.

If a family goes through a case of bottled water per week at $5 a case, the savings can be dramatic.

Plans for the winnings The couple has put some of the winnings into savings for their grandchildren.

I spent all my savings to feed my family and didn’t have another source of income, so I joined them.

956106 You also remember your root canal and every time you got a $5 savings bond in a birthday card.

On the opposite end of the spectrum and the country, the Southeastern U.S. is rolling in gas savings.

And a Commerce Department report Monday showed many Americans aren’t spending their gasoline savings.

And since you’ll be drawing on your savings for four fewer years, there’s less chance you’ll run out.

And despite their savings at the gas pump, consumers have slowed rather than increased their spending.

In 1981, for example, one could buy a Canada savings Bond and earn 19.5 per cent interest, guaranteed.

On top of that, airlines are enjoying massive savings from the plunge in fuel prices since the summer.

Contributions to health savings accounts are deducted separately.

Your savings account requires a minimum balance.

It means loss of savings account interest.

savings accounts are often the cheapest investments.

The yield on savings accounts is held artificially low .

The bank will also provide 150 free savings accounts .

Bank of america regular savings account great for national travelers.

Get a free checking and savings account .

The withdrawal was actually from a savings account .

The students receive specifically designated savings accounts in place of salary.

This deposit is held in a special savings account .

She put $300 in a savings account .

A demonstration of medical savings accounts was also authorized.

I feel myself going to my savings account .

But the savings accounts are a different story.

High interest savings accounts often have one major disadvantage.

The minimum for a savings account is $100.

Capital One 360 is a great savings account .

Non rsp eligible personal and business investment savings accounts admiral group.

On week 1 you deposit $1 into your savings account .

No employment verification payday loans into your savings account in.

We are missing a thousand in our savings account .

Open my own savings account to increase my independence.

Oct, legal help for chapter bankruptcy chapter and savings account .

It runs multiple savings accounts and grows from interest on loans.

He advocates also giving the poor access to savings accounts .

Create a general savings account and pay yourself first.

Some funds should be put in the savings account .

Every spare penny should go directly into a savings account .

Whatever is left over is going into our savings account .

Practice opening and managing a checking or savings account .

Get a payday loan credited to your savings account within hours.

It is a savings account with the government.

What is the difference between your checking and savings account ?

In such cases it is recommended to open a savings account .

savings account deposits are therefore called near-money.

Nine million savings accounts had been wiped out between 1930 and 1933.

Best savings account interest rates in orlando, fl.

What should individuals do… save money in a savings account ?

Don’t ignore health savings accounts if your employer offers them.

And so those savings accrue much later .

Non rsp eligible personal and business investment savings accounts admiral group.

The improved data quality generated significant cost savings and put liquidity management high on the agenda .

In the aggregate , the in office savings from VFC should approximate 15 minutes per route.

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