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1- It uses red colored plastic sabot for identification.

2- The sabot was also intended to reduce jamming during loading.

3- sabots are a common type of slug round.

4- The sabot falls away after the projectile leaves the barrel.

5- The sabot used in launching this model proved to be unsatisfactory.

6- A sabot penetrating through the hatch would likely cause much damage within.

7- sabots are cool stuff : cheap, and already plied.

8- With the first method discarding sabots may be added.

9- The latter are usually surrounded by a sabot while in the barrel.

10- These subcaliber rounds are held in place in the bore by sabots .

11- The test used a drop mass or sabot that carried the ice pick.

12- Conventional cased ammunition was more accurate and the sabots were expensive to produce.

13- The cartridge is identified by an amber sabot (Ultem 1000).

14- The presumed killer was quickly destroyed by sabot fire from another Delta company Abrams.

15- sabot – A type of tool which holds the bottle base for finishing.

16- An important development was the Armour-piercing discarding sabot , or APDS.

17- In January 1962 the first test shot was carried out, firing an empty sabot .

18- Typically, a sabot slug is used in these barrels for maximum accuracy and performance.

19- The SPIW effort sought to replace cased bullets with flechette projectiles fired from sabots .

20- This variant is unofficially referred to by Abrams tank crews as the “super sabot “.

21- They also brought a sabot and their one-sheet skiff, Night Swan.

22- The wad slug is loaded using a standard shotshell wad, which acts like a sabot .

23- Top has mounted on it a marvelous miniature artillery shell held on with two tiny copper sabot .

24- Kinetic energy penetrator rounds consist of a long, relatively thin penetrator surrounded by a discarding sabot .

25- While many equate sabot to rifled barrel, this slug design was specifically designed for and tested in smoothbores.

26- Another problem can occur when saboted ammunition is used as the sabot tends to break up inside the brake.

27- Ammunition includes armour-piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), HEAT, and HE-FRAG projectiles.

28- sabots on the gravel.

29- However , one could make a simple smooth bore that fires a small shotgun slug in a sabot cartridge.

30- The primary anti-armor (anti-tank) warhead is the sabot round, a shaped charge or sensor fuzed warhead.

31- For example, a long line of armor-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) rounds was developed by Rheinmetall.

32- Zach learned to sail in sabots out of MBYC and slowly eased in to scene of competitive sailboat racing.

33- Most shotguns are used to fire “a number of ball shot”, in addition to slugs and sabots .

34- The nose of the former fell off at launch while the sabot for the latter disintegrated in the gun barrel.

35- The name given to the discarded outer sheath was the sabot (a French word for a wooden shoe).

36- All used similar ammunition firing a 1.8 mm diameter dart with a plastic “puller” sabot filling the case mouth.

37- Rifles firing the sabots would have a muzzle velocity of to to give a short flight time and flat trajectory.

38- The Br-2 was also used in a number of unsuccessful experiments with discarding sabot shells, intended to increase range.

39- The Swedish Psg 90 for example, uses a Hensoldt (Zeiss) scope and can also use sabot rounds.

40- Thie fact that rounds DFL7 and DFI,8 did not survive launch, can be largely attributed to the sabot . This round consists of the outer cup (sabot) which holds numerous subcaliber darts.

41- S * sabot : a device used in a firearm to fire a projectile, such as a bullet, that is smaller than the bore diameter.

42- In 1819 a committee of British artillery officers recognised that they were essential stores and in 1830 Britain standardised sabot thickness as half inch.

43- From a French phrase meaning to toss a wooden shoe (a sabot) into the machinery to slow things down.

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