rudder in a sentence

rudder meaning:

n.) The mechanical virtical blade by means of which a ship or airplane is guided or steered when in motion.

n.) someone or something which controls or guides direction, such as a leader or an ideal.

rudder sentence:

An oar often acts as rudder.

Steering is provided by a simple rudder.

A life without a purpose is a ship without a rudder.

Turn the rudder slightly so that we can ease the boat round.

Two rudders were fitted to help steer the ship.

The rudder pedals are adjustable on both sides.

Atatürk was a real rudder for the Turkish people.

I have finished fixing up the rudder trailing edge.

The ships each had a single rudder.

The original rudder has bullet holes in it.

Their rudder was very nearly torn from the boat!

Autopilot systems combine mechanical rudders with navigation systems.

The positioning of the rudder fitting is very sensitive.

Small airplanes use rudder pedals to steer the nose wheel.

Each fin has a controlling rudder in aft.

The rudder was the device that steered the ship.

He was a rudder in a country that was just finding its identity after decades of dictatorship.

The vessel’s rudder was damaged and broke apart.

He was a rudder to my exploration and lifelong inspiration to me.

The nose wheel is steered conventionally through the rudder pedals from both sides.

In the early Middle Ages ships did not have rudders.

After fifteen minutes the rudder was broken off and she was broadside to the weather.

The rudder head and steering apparatus are left entirely unprotected .

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