roach in a sentence

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roach meaning:

n.) A cockroach.

roach sentence:

The apartments were infested with roaches.

Roaches are attracted to damp spaces.

Roaches are nocturnal.

My biggest fear was roaches.

It is a little known fact that roaches like high places.

There’s a big roach on your desk.

Use the roach spray under the sink.

Roaches will eat any food that is found inside your home.

The best defense against roaches is a clean kitchen and bathroom.

She was forced to live in a roach – infested house.

I must rid my kitchen of roaches.

Our kitchen is overrun with roaches.

The kitchen was infested with roaches.

Roaches are most common in tropical and subtropical climates.

American roaches prefer a warm, moist habitat.

The new chemical will exterminate the roaches.

There were roaches running in the bathroom.

The building was heavily infested with roaches.

We had to fumigate the cellar to get rid of roaches.

The kitchens were discovered to be infested with roaches.

At night the mosquitoes and roaches were at us.

This environment was a roach haven and I hate roaches too.

Spraying roaches directly with soapy water will kill them.

The amazing thing about these products is that roaches love them to death.

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