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98- In order to visualize the arteries for a few seconds, an angiography is produced by injecting radio-opaque dye into the bloodstream, but since this dye is poisonous, it must be used sparingly.

99- In the face of an alienating and poisonous world, one can either withdraw to a safe, allergic distance or plunge headlong into the viral whirlpool of humanity.

100- It is incredibly poisonous and in many places where it’s used, it ends up killing much more than just insects.

101- Its poisonous clouds of hate blew a very angry man around the bend.

102- It was light enough to read the little signs in front of every plant and so she did, tasting the words, too beautiful to be bitter or poisonous.

103- Later in the book the king of the elephant dies after eating a poisonous mushroom.

104- Make sure all flammable products and poisonous chemicals are stored out of reach of children and pets.

105- Nearly all commercial toothpastes contain at least one of these poisonous ingredients: Fluoride, triclosan, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, propylene glycol and diethanolamine (DEA).

106- Never keep poisonous plants or flowers in an area where your cat can easily get to and ingest them.

107- Now Montoya has kicked her out and, thanks to young Ivy’s poisonous tongue, she thinks Jim has already replaced her.

108- Of course, there are also an abundance of poisonous plants, so I don’t recommend picking and eating willy nilly, even though I did bite into a California poppy flower to see if it was an appropriate salad ingredient.

109- One person might squash a spider because they fear all spiders, the fear might be beneficial (i.e. not being bit by poisonous varieties) or non-beneficial (the spider has been killed and can no longer help control other insect populations).

110- poisonous Plants at Table; Prudence: The Cautionary Tale of a Picky Eater, by Audrey Niffenegger.

111- President Theodore Roosevelt signs the Pure Food and Drug Act into law, making it illegal to produce, sell, or transport food or drugs that are poisonous or mislabeled.

112- Raw potatoes can be poisonous to chickens.

113- Sam embarks on a journey to Orkney through a to find his friends-but when he arrives, he discovers that an ancient curse has turned the sun a poisonous red and threatens to destroy the land.

114- Significantly, in DREAD NATION, former Confederates twist their poisonous ideology into a new belief system.

115- Similarly, I believe that someone might get on a plane someday and set loose a dozens of poisonous snakes.

116- Some are poisonous.

117- The leaves and fruits are reported to be poisonous.

118- The moringa’s leaves or bark are not poisonous to any animal.

119- There are many harmful and poisonous herbs and substances out there, and they are all as natural as they come.

120- There is nothing that looks like them so they can’t be confused with anything poisonous.

121- The Sixth Doctor is able to close his respiratory passages when he detects the poisonous gas and can telepathically contactprevious incarnation on the “astral plane”.

122- They’re poisonous, so I was trying to find a better version of them.

123- This is a Padme who has finally removed herself from Palpatine’s poisonous influence.

124- This tendency of extreme naming is poisonous.

125- What I am saying here is that video review is bad and poisonous, and nothing should be reviewable in any sport, period, ever.

126- What they’re doing is absolutely poisonous to the country — but, really, if our side could figure out a way to do a reasonable amount of it back to them, maybe it wouldn’t be so successful, and maybe the dumbing down, paradoxically, might abate.

127- While they, themselves do not die from eating them, the toxins make the caterpillars poisonous to predators — a nice trick!

128- Why would someone drink something they knew was poisonous just because someone told them to?

129- All parts of these plants are poisonous and if eaten or chewed can cause pain, burning and swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue and throat.

130- A word of warning to aspiring young herpetologists like Kelsey and Rourke, NEVER EVER try to catch a snake that you cannot identify, a poisonous snake could bite you and might even kill you.

131- Blue Security, says Mr. Lindstrom, might not work for another reason: The Blue Frog might be poisonous not just for spammers but also users.

132- Despite it being poisonous, porcupines eat the roots.

133- Effect of poisonous, toxic and dangerous materials on the human body.

134- For example, in a case of a rotten apple or tomato, people tend to cut out the rotten part and eat the part that looks good although the whole thing is poisonous.

135- For the purpose of fume classification, only poisonous or toxic gases, such.

136- Given an infrastructure backlog, inadequate education system and poisonous labour relations, South Africa faces huge problems that will take years to fix.

137- I love snakes but there is not a chance in hell that I would keep poisonous ones.

138- In addition, the vine exudes a poisonous, milky sap that is known to kill livestock and other animals that feed on the plant.

139- It competes with and replaces indigenous and pasture species and it is poisonous to livestock.

140- I think it’s best not to have poisonous plants in your garden as they always pose a danger to children.

141- I thought the frog might be dead although I do not think these snakes have poisonous venom (do they?) Pat nudged the frog who woke up from his nightmare and hopped back into the stream from whence he’d been found.

142- It is a colorless, extremely poisonous liquid that boils slightly above room temperature at 26 176;C (79 176;F).

143- It must be free of any poisonous agents.

144- It’s a poisonous, odorless, and colorless gas that can be fatal.

145- Leatherjackets that eat a lot of anemones become brightly coloured and their flesh becomes poisonous – so predators leave them alone.

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