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149- After a lot of finger pointing from both parties, Republican leaders in the House have agreed to approve a two-month extension of a payroll tax cut, in exchange for a committment from Democrats in the Senate to work out a longer term deal.

150- ALA was wearing only his underwear and ALA’s girlfriend tried to give him clothes but the officers were still pointing guns at her so the officers gave ALA the clothes.

151- All of those arrows pointing in three different directions with different colors makes me never check it anymore.

152- All signs are pointing to a more unified approach to software across Android, Chromebooks, desktop Chrome, and web apps – and I/O would be the prime destination to unveil that to the world.

153- Also, you can see there’s the upstream group named with the server directive pointing to backends.

154- America’s birth rate has fallen to a 30-year low, let the hand-wringing and finger-pointing begin.

155- An animal feeding in one part of Guatemala that was suddenly relocated would retain strontium traces pointing back to its place of origin-notably in its teeth.

156- And I figure that pointing folks to a well-used recipe that has garnered good results gives me some karma points here even if I don’t type the durn thing in.

157- And I loved that he did that without finger-pointing, but rather with a call to action.

158- And I’m not complaining just pointing out what I saw.

159- And I’m pointing out that it isn’t merely the dreaded MEN(!) who harbour those predilections.

160- And not only that, as you were just pointing out, these mediators affect each other.

161- And, thank you for pointing out that she may have been “one of us”.

162- And there’s no pejorative intended in pointing out that radio’s most loyal customers are the upper demos who probably have most entrenched attachment to music ownership.

163- “And this is your badge number,” he said, pointing to the blank line on the form.

164- Any help or direction pointing would be appreciated.

165- A relative or absolute URL pointing to a square image of your brand or product.

166- Arrange the intact pecan halves around the perimeter of the pie and atop the filling, placing the backs against the crust and the tips pointing in toward the center.

167- As far as link density VS assimilations, in your case, it’s a bit different than large ecom because it’s all pointing to similar URi.

168- As for the question of how many crimes I can set in a small town, people are fond of pointing out that some of the best series happen in small towns.

169- As much as I enjoyed the art I wonder where Blizz said “the high elves don’t need to have any glow to their eyes and the night elf gets to have a blue high-elf glow, high-elf upwards pointing ears and no markings”.

170- As you stand on Trico’s back yelling and pointing at the ledge you need it to jump to, its refusal builds an artificial frustration that makes its eventual obedience worth rewarding.

171- At a screening she did for the launch of the journal, she showed this video from YouTube of a girl pointing a camera at the screen while the movie “Ghost” is playing, and she’s just hysterically crying and blabbering about what’s going on in the movie.

172- At a time when markets are pointing to the problem over the next generation as being inadequate rather than excessive inflation, central bankers need to spur demand and co-operate with governments.

173- At the same time, though, the repetition of the phrase keeps a tally of the cumulative force of death throughout the novel, thus pointing out the tragic inevitability of death.

174- At this point Fouad has to take a call, and I am relieved to have him stop pointing things out.

175- Bank of America reiterated its buy rating on Apple, pointing to growth in services.

176- Before we begin, it’s worth considering how realistic the aim of removing Google from your life is, as well as pointing out some of the downsides.

177- Being able to cast votes without a pointing device was one of my priorities, but improving the look and feel of the solution in Opera when images are disabled is not something I consider essential.

178- Being critical means pointing out shortcomings or failures, but avoid focusing your criticism of the book on what the book is not.

179- Below the data reported, there are arrows pointing out links to actions such as “Request updates,” “Add employer” or “Request an investigation.”

180- Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, is integrated into the camera and automatically overlays information directly on top of the image the camera is pointing at.

181- Blunt, 35, who starred opposite Anne Hathaway in the 2006 film, added that one day when coming home, she watching the movie and pointing out his favorite look.

182- But even with public finger-pointing and posturing, there still about who should be blamed for the current…

183- But he says that despite the risks, closing the hospital would have led to preventable deaths for routine emergencies, pointing to a ledger with a list of procedures performed that summer.

184- But McCall was merely pointing out that there’s a “revolving door” at these agencies, and machines are pitched by former government folks, with little evidence that they’re effective.

185- But now is not the time for pointing fingers and inciting division – now is the time for solutions.

186- “But,” she shouted, pointing to my husband.

187- But that’s not all: There are also laws against election fraud, hacking, and even wire fraud noted last year, there’s already tons of evidence pointing in the collusion direction, and it involve some of these crimes.

188- But, then again, some Texans keep electing Louis Gohmert, a shit-for-brains who couldn’t find his ass if someone was pointing at it and saying, “Dude, that’s your ass,” so shame isn’t real high on their list of emotions.

189- By smiling and pointing to my friend, who busily flashing the parade riders.

190- Call it notification inflation-Lyft informing you of a discount, Facebook pointing out potential friend recommendations, even news websites tricking you into allowing notifications you don’t actually care about.

191- Clara was very protective of and at one point even referred to them as “my children”, suggesting that she considered them to be her daughter and son, despite Angie constantly pointing out that she wasn’t their mother.

192- Compelling narration and strong testimonials are at the heart of most successful interview-based videos, but there is so much more to producing an interview than pointing a camera and a light at someone and asking them to tell their story.

193- Corrine, Thank you for pointing out the Iberogast.

194- Could this be to avoid the embarrassment of pointing out the backwardness of Japan compared with Korea?

195- Current Apple supplier SZS, a metal injection molding specialist, is tipped to be part of the project, potentially pointing to the integration of metal enclosures.

196- Danielle- Thanks for pointing me to the other recipes.

197- Despite the general indicators pointing to another slowdown in…

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