pod in a sentence

pod meaning:

n.) a natural or man-made container like a bag;

n.) A capsule of plant containing seeds,

n.) A considerable number of animals closely clustered together;

v. i.) To swell; to fill; to remove from

pod sentence:

Four friends were like beans in a pod.

The twins are like two peas in a pod.

The ripe pod opens and scatters the seeds.

Whales live with the same pod during their entire lives.

He started tipping the pea pods into a pan.

Pea pods burst open when overripe.

Each pod has a few scarce seeds.

The woman podded peas into a plate.

He was carrying a fuel pod.

They were not peas from the same pod.

Swimming in pods allows dolphins to better defend themselves against predators.

The lentil plant is known for its seeds, which grow inside a protective covering, or pod.

July was growth and podding , August is the start of harvest time.

As like as two peas in a pod.

Slice the vanilla pod along one side.

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