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51- Appears paradox to our times, but was part of the practice in old times.

52- See Relationship to algebraic kernels below for the resolution of this paradox.

53- Ṭūsī writes: The above conclusions are very important to the history of Liar paradox.

54- The SAR paradox refers to the fact that it is not the case that all similar molecules have similar activities.

55- In 1993 John Frazee won a contest for a short story called the buttered cat paradox in OMNI magazine competition.

56- A causal paradox can then be constructed by sending the signal if and only if no signal was received previously.

57- Ross’s paradox highlights the challenge faced by anyone who wants to modify or add to the standard account of validity.

58- Rabern and Rabern (2008) use a similar trick (tempering the liar’s paradox) to solve the original puzzle in just two questions.

59- Temporal paradox (also known as time paradox and time travel paradox) is a theoretical paradoxical situation that happens because of time travel.

60- When Aminah offers to go back in time and stop him from becoming a jinni, he declines, fearing both a relapse for those he has helped and causing a time paradox.

61- paradox released the first CD ‘Seba & paradox – Beats Me’ on his label paradox Music in 2006 featuring tracks from Seba, paradox and Seba & paradox collaborations.

62- “The clock paradox in a static homogeneous gravitational field”.

63- Logic and method Dewey sees paradox in contemporary logical theory.

64- Yusei & Jaden also appear, and explain who caused the attack: paradox!

65- The paradox was mathematically resolved in the 1990s by David E. Stewart.

66- A common way “around” Arrow’s paradox is limiting the alternative set to two alternatives.

67- This addresses a paradox of great antiquity (e.g. “That which is not must in some sense be.

68- His paradox, Dialectic, and System received the Choice Distinguished Scholarly Book award for 1988.

69- paradox cartridges have been loaded with either hollow-point or solid bullets of varied composition.

70- Then he recorded the album paradox followed by a world tour with the band before becoming a full time member.

71- paradoxical nature Attempting to classify all numbers this way leads to a paradox or an antinomy of definition.

72- In a Futurama episode, Leela ‘s attempt to thwart Robot Santa with a paradox was stopped by his “paradox-absorbing crumple zones”.

73- A diaphragmatic paradox is a sign on a respiratory examination when the diaphragm moves opposite of the normal direction on inspiration.

74- New Keynesians recognized this paradox, but, while the new classicals abandoned Keynes, new Keynesians abandoned Walras and market-clearing.

75- This plan is foiled when the paradox machine is destroyed, causing time to rewind and trapping the Toclafane back at the end of the universe.

76- “The ecology of eating: Part of the French paradox results from lower food intake in French than Americans, because of smaller portion sizes”.

77- The viewer’s foreknowledge of the techniques that Reyle underwent to create and transform the object is vital to communicate this intentional paradox.

78- This paradox is partially resolved in Relativity theory by defining a ‘ frame of reference ‘ to encompass the measuring instruments used by an observer.

79- A major issue in this paradox deals with the inconsistencies between a person’s socio-economical and cultural preferences and their political preferences.

80- paradox externally appears as a slightly luminescent “soap bubble” with a diameter of 50 kilometers, with iridescence similar to that of a real soap bubble.

81- Majd, Hooman, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ : The paradox of Modern Iran, by Hooman Majd, Doubleday, 2008, p.56 Khamenei did travel outside Iran before he became Leader.

82- The paradox arises, according to this resolution, because we implicitly interpret Nicod’s criterion as applying to all predicates when in fact it only applies to natural kinds.

83- As paradox summons out one of his key monsters, Malefic paradox Dragon, Yugi manages to destroy it, but then paradox is able to summon out his ace monster, Malefic Truth Dragon.

84- This also solves Poincaré’s radiation paradox, discussed above.

85- In Jesus’ case, aphorisms often involve some paradox or reversal.

86- Glen Petersen’s book The Profit Maximization paradox Petersen, Glen S. (2008).

87- Numerical example We can illustrate Lindley’s paradox with a numerical example.

88- Thus each possibility seems to imply its own negation, a type of logical paradox.

89- In Limbo is a solo acoustic album by Irish alternative rock band paradox ‘s Pete Mac.

90- “paradox and Perception: Science and Narrative in Walden and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

91- The sapient behaviour paradox: how to test for potential?, in K. Gibson and P. Mellars (eds.

92- While Ross’s paradox seems to suggest otherwise, its severity has been subject of much debate.

93- paradox & My Friends, another indy album which included neighbor band’s works in B side of the cassette.

94- Meno then proffers a paradox, “And how will you inquire into a thing when you are wholly ignorant of what it is?

95- Also, he learned the paradox of nature which is: the plant near a poisonous plant has the antidote of the poison.

96- In economics, backfire is described in terms of: * the Jevons paradox * a Rebound effect (conservation) which exceeds 100%.

97- The OAT paradox Moving one step at a time first along one axis and then along the other one does not move outside the circle.

98- Jevons paradox has done away with much of the system-gains in automobile efficiency since then.

99- The book is a reminder of the paradox that is Thar – with its cruel climate and unexpected beauty.

100- The coin-tossing example A second example of Parrondo’s paradox is drawn from the field of gambling.

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