pan in a sentence

pan meaning:

n.) A shallow, open dish or vessel, usually of metal, employed for many domestic uses such as frying or baking food, etc.;

pan sentence:

Brown the meat in a frying pan.

The eggs were frying in the pan.

Melt the margarine in a frying pan.

The bacon began to sizzle in the pan.

He cracked a couple of eggs into a pan.

Cube the apples before putting them in the pan.

That singer can’t last long. He’s a flash in the pan.

Take the pan off the fire.

He browned the chicken in a frying pan.

Will you help me to wash up all these pots and pans?

The maid clattered the pots and pans in the sink.

When duck is cooked, remove from pan and cover with aluminum foil to keep warm.

Place the mussels in a large pan with the shallots, parsley, wine and bay leaf.

He did write a wonderful book, but it was just a flash in the pan.

Sadly, their success was just a flash in the pan.

Sprinkle the meat with salt and place in the pan.

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