new ideas in a sentence

He absorbed new ideas.

He is full of new ideas.

He has lots of new ideas.

His brain bubbles with new ideas.

We need somebody with bold new ideas.

I impregnated his mind with new ideas.

She is interested in learning new ideas.

His head was bursting with new ideas.

The Japanese are highly receptive to new ideas.

My grandfather still endeavors to absorb new ideas.

He is a very passive worker who doesn’t really offer any new ideas.

Travelling allows you to encounter new ideas, and new ways of living.

The party’s platform for the election incorporates a number of new ideas.

I enjoy dynamic courses where the teacher is always introducing new ideas and activities.

Rolfe Neill once said, “Reading transports me.

I can go anywhere and never leave my chair.

It lets me shake hands with new ideas.

4. Stay Open, Stay Fresh There is no shortage of new ideas for products.

Olbermann said the network needs an infusion of new ideas and new blood.

The talks will explore mind bending truths, new ideas or different perspectives.

It’s important to keep on spinning so that your mind is always ready for new ideas.

new ideas and innovative ways of looking at the world are the catalysts for change.

235384 For real change you need new ideas and new leaders and that is totally absent.”””

Urbaniak said it’s also the time to try big new ideas, especially in economic development.

The more ideas I deliver, the more it creates a flow that makes me able to find new ideas.

912258 We need new ideas, 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin told “”Inside Edition.”””

Stephen Hawking’s new ideas are certainly interesting and may point us in the right direction.

Thriving cultures are built on a solid foundation of shared values, and a steady inflow of new ideas.

The news features “expose readers to new ideas and alternative policies”.

Barr 186 They settled on him because he was personally popular among party members and because he had displayed an openness to new ideas in the past.

Shah, now as Commander, also took part in formulating and implementing new ideas in Moses company of SSG(N) which is tasked with an anti-terrorist role.

He envisioned a real working city with both commercial and residential areas, but one that also continued to showcase and test new ideas and concepts for urban living.

Mavor experimented in her first year with some new ideas, such as starting a story on the back cover in order to hook readers into buying the magazine to finish the story.

He began looking for new ideas for his upcoming productions.

The lack of new ideas concurrently spurned the death of new civilisations.

A Theme Management Team meets regularly to discuss new ideas and approaches and to foster collaborations across the Centre.

Their live shows are extraordinary and they always come up with the new ideas how to surprise their fans, and the fans love them.

Keeble 2003 p. 136 In the piece, Milton suggests that Christians experience purification when they are tested by new ideas and not harmed by them.

To me, I see hundreds of new ideas staring back at me.

Their influence also exposed him to new ideas on astronomy and religion.

Branding encourages expansion of one concept, rather than the creation of new ideas.

We are witnessing a growth of new ideas that are generating an entirely new type of architectural theory.

He reads books, newspapers, and magazines from around the world, looking for hidden meanings and new ideas.

Edward Crawford was brought new ideas for Chicago sports competitions and practice among them the roller hockey.

Rodríguez was at the center of a small circle of intellectuals that met semiclandestinely in private homes to discuss the new ideas.

The Mausoleum of Saif ed-Din Boharsi is a vivid illustration of artisans’ innovation, their self-perfection, and searching of new ideas.

OCR GCSE: The Development of Medicine This meant that the books containing these new ideas could be spread quickly and accurately.

The programme, which became known as the “Grey Book”, became a landmark in Irish economic history, primarily for its bold new ideas.

Every day more and more people and organizations keep generating new ideas and novel innovations on how to live more sustainable lives.

Members of secular groups are very likely to be atheists, but also more willing to hold unpopular views and explore new ideas thoroughly.

Beyond Buildings Into The Future With the initial success of the building and interstate road themes, Kuhn and Oppenheim looked for new ideas to expand the product line.

A new leader with new ideas and a vision to deliver a new energy day in America.
At least one of de Blasio’s new ideas was being shot down by a powerful opponent.
2. Youthful voices and visions are typically unrestrained-not yet trained, so their minds are open to new ideas.
2. Zero to One by Peter Thiel – Creating an understanding that new business success is created through new ideas.
Along with his fellow crew mates, he presented us with new ideas like weapons “set to stun” that formed the core of the Star Trek ethos.
Beefs, moans and groans, political feelings, family and love life, cares, concerns, new ideas, the choice is yours on our Pol-Am platter.
A Google spokeswoman said Waze “regularly experiments with new ideas in our backyard, and we have nothing specific to announce at this time.”
And those ripples are multidirectional; influencers inspire everyone around them to explore new ideas and think differently about their work.
As for companies, he believes it can provide “a competitive advantage as an investment in future technology that fuels new ideas and growth.”
At a downtown San Bernardino County office, juvenile probation officers, some of whom are also posted right on campuses, said they approve of a lot of the new ideas.
As a result the movie helped to change the public perception of dinosaurs, including new ideas about dinosaurs based on current research, and had an effect on the science itself.
5. Know your competitors inside-out A new company has to know what it’s up against, but understanding your competition is also a good way of getting new ideas and staying relevant.
And it makes me excited about what the studio will do next – not because I want another Invisible, Inc., but because I want to see what other cool, new ideas Klei will come up with.

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