moose in a sentence

moose meaning:

n.) A large mammal, native of the Northern United States and Canada, closely resembling the European elk.

moose sentence:

I have tasted moose meat, though.

This area is closed to moose hunting.

Moose are rarely seen in the park.

Moose are fully capable of killing bears and wolves.

Group hunting for moose is a favorite social outing.

A big bull moose came running down the shore.

Moose meat was eaten fresh or preserved.

The moose population declined some 10% from 2006.

Below her stood the snow white moose.

The most common species hunted include moose and brown bear.

There are several deaths each year from automobiles striking moose.

The six-day moose hunt ends in two days.

He set off for a nineteen-day moose hunt in Nova Scotia.

The moose resumed his leisurely walk toward me, and his grunts.

In many parts of the world it is illegal to shoot wild game such as deer, moose or pheasant.

Moose meat and several types of fish were also smoked.

Distribution of moose was poorly associated with tiger distribution.

This imbalance should allow the moose population to increase.

The antlers exist purely to aid moose mating habits.

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