moan in a sentence

moan meaning:

v. i.) To make a low prolonged sound of grief or pain;

n.)a long, low, mournful outcry expressing pain, grief, or sorrow.

v.) to express discontent or grief; complain or lament.

moan sentence:

The wounded man moaned ceaselessly.

The prisoner moaned out a prayer for mercy.

Tony moaned in his sleep and then turned over on his side.

I heard a low moaning noise.

His only moan with his new job is that his office doesn’t have a window.

He was moaning all night long.

My mum never stops moaning at me.

They were moaning over the death of their father.

What are you moaning about now?

Students always moan about how much homework they have, but they complain if you don’t give them any at all.

She keeps moaning that she has no time.

He’s always moaning about how poor he is.

He moaned with pain before losing consciousness.

The wind moaned through the balcony window.

She did not complain and rarely even moaned with the pain.

Rose moans about her poor performance.

His complaining and moans do not go unnoticed by this nurse.

A low moan came out of the darkness.

“I’ll never finish my homework in time,” he moaned.

The old woman moaned with sorrow as she watched her husband’s coffin being lowered into his grave.

We moan about the same things and live in the same area.

A terrible moan rose out of the monster.

Kids are born to misbehave, And how their parents moan!

She made a small moan and died in the shower.

The students are the first to moan about the exam results.

There was a sudden hush, and then a low, wondrous moan rippled through the crowd.

Suddenly she gave a low, choking moan and began to tremble violently.

As she did so, the colourless lips moved in a faint moan.

He staggered about ten yards and fell down with a moan.

The unwilling children climbed into the bus, moaning and groaning.

They’re always moaning and groaning about how much they have to do.

She was still conscious and was moaning loudly with pain.

Cage is always moaning about not being treated equally.

He’s always moaning about not being treated properly.

The injured man was lying on the ground, moaning.

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