jam in a sentence

jam meaning:

v. t.) To press into a close or tight position; to crowd; to squeeze; to wedge in.

n.) A mass of people or objects crowded together;

n.) A preserve of fruit boiled with sugar and water;

jam sentence:

She made jam from the apples.

I was delayed by a traffic jam.

We were stuck in a traffic jam .

Spread the toast thinly with jam.

Put the jam in the jar over there.

We got up at dawn to avoid a traffic jam.

We missed our plane because of the traffic jam.

They were hung up in a traffic jam for half an hour.

She sat in the car, silently fuming at the traffic jam.

They got stuck in a traffic jam.

We got stuck in a traffic jam, which made us twenty minutes late.

My father was late for work this morning because of a traffic jam.

They dumped some bread and jam on the end of my bed and unchained me as usual.

The train was jammed with passengers.

Ben had got his finger jammed in the door.

Crowds jammed the entrance to the stadium.

The stadium was jammed and they had to turn away hundreds of disappointed fans.

The stadium was jammed and they had to turn away hundreds of disappointed fans.

The tiny room was jammed with bookcases, papers, posters, an aquarium and a computer.

Stationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution.

Most traffic jams are tolerable, lasting only 5 minutes or so.

Roadworks have caused traffic jams throughout the city centre.

We reckon that sitting in traffic jams costs us around $9 billion a year in lost output.

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