holes in a sentence

I can’t find any holes in his theory.

The machine is used to punch holes in belts.

What has many holes but is good for holding liquid?

holes gaped open in the streets after the earthquake.

holes in the road are a potential hazard for cyclists.

Sea turtles crawl onto beaches, and dig holes to lay their eggs.

The construction crew spent all morning blasting holes in the rock.

An eggshell may look solid, but it actually has nearly 8,000 tiny holes.

There are some holes in his theory which haven’t been explained as of yet.

Some orangutans have discovered how to use sticks to get insects out of holes.

He got a job working in his uncle’s leather factory punching holes in belts and shoes.

We’d better plug those holes in the tent if we don’t want the mosquitoes to get in.

Blocks of cement with holes in them served as planters for small trees along the boulevard.

Please don’t put tacks in the wall, tape is much better because it doesn’t leave any holes.

Science does not yet have all the answers to explain the phenomenon of black holes in space.

The boys are digging holes all over the backyard, convinced that they will find pirate treasure.

The children are digging holes all over the backyard, convinced that they will find pirate treasure.

The sudden increase of ultraviolet rays made the researchers believe in the existence of ozone holes.

It’s hard to thread the laces of my ice skates through the little holes when my hands are freezing cold.

My neighbor and I have argued a number of times over his dog’s habit of digging holes in our flower garden.

My neighbor and I have clashed a number of times over his dog’s habit of digging holes in our flower garden.

Before you begin painting, you should inspect the walls to see if there are any holes that need to be filled.

It was physicist John Wheeler who discovered the black holes of outer space, and he named the phenomenon in 1967.

In 1994, a comet broke apart, and plunged into Jupiter, ripping holes the size of earth in the planet’s atmosphere.

Some orangutans have discovered how to use sticks to extract insects from tree holes or to wedge out seeds from fruits.

In the Middle Ages, many people thought that the stars were beams of light shining through holes in the floor of heaven.

Baby chicks are able to breathe inside the egg through tiny holes in the shell which allow oxygen to get in, and carbon dioxide to get out.

This is our most versatile garden tool yet.

It can be used to dig holes, cut branches, water your garden, and loosen the soil around your plants.

From earliest times, people pierced their ears, nose, and bellybutton as a superstitious practice, believing that the holes would release demons from the body.

In her studies of intelligence, Doreen Kimura has observed that compared with men, women are faster at certain precision manual tasks, such as placing pegs in designated holes on a board.

Spieth planned to hit balls and play nine holes if he felt up to it.

The playoff will be held over the first, second, 17th and 18th holes.

Those holes, she told them, “are what truly connect us to each other.”

I put the ball on some holes where you’ve got to take advantage of it.

I have six physical holes from shots and I have three grazes, she said.

“The wind picked up more than I thought it would on the incoming holes.

588330 Rescuers drilled more than a dozen holes, trying to find the men.

It wasn’t a great round through 15 holes but it was a great three shots.

Peshawar school aftermath – Bullet holes litter the walls of the school.

Almost every vertical surface is pockmarked by bullet and shrapnel holes.

395528 It involved digging post holes two feet deep in dusty, rocky soil.

126794 But if there’s Swiss cheese holes in all of that, that’s not good.”

“That was my goal to come down the last few holes with a comfortable lead.

At the gates, vehicles were peppered with shrapnel holes from an airstrike.

William was 2-over after the front nine but bogied the 12th and 16th holes.

If a playoff is required Sunday, the sequence of holes will be 18-18-14-18.

He shoots holes through office partitions and he mows down attacking robots.

The minute Apple has a patch for any security holes, I’ll have access to them.

Every spring they bore holes in their maple trees, and drain off the sweet sap.

Put the lid on the container and poke tons of pen-point-sized holes in the lid.

I think we always show that we can dig ourselves out of those holes, said Toews.

Kaymer, 107 under here in his last 31 rounds, hasn’t dropped a shot in 43 holes.

But if you had given me a 65 after 11 holes I would have snapped your hand off.”

holes in the cockpit and front fuselage are seen as primary proof of that theory.

The final four holes, with the length and pin positions, were set up for scoring.

Woods had no birdies through 15 holes, but he did have seven bogeys and a triple.

The holes may be where researchers extracted the craters for post-flight analysis.

We need to buckle down and get those last two holes,” US captain Juli Inkster said.

holes from bullets and explosives marred the walls, according to a Reuters witness.

During another break, Tyson recalled that he had written a rhyme about black holes.

After three close calls in the majors, Johnson was nine holes away from redemption.

There were holes punched in the wall and window coverings were trashed, she alleges.

The 29-year-old South Korean player birdied five of her final seven holes at Miramar.

Golf tournaments start on Thursday, and they end on Sunday, with 72 holes in between.

So did the fans in the huge grandstands lining the final two holes at the Old Course.

The black holes in Mrk 231 will collide in “a few hundred thousand years,” said NASA.

229944 For all that’s great about Netflix, there are holes in its programming lineup.

Cejka, who led after 36 holes, fired a final-round 69 for a seven-under total of 281.

The first couple holes were playing down wind, so that made it a lot easier, she said.

Inside center Reynold Lee-Lo, especially, found holes out wide and ran for 120 meters.

96467 A year later, gaping holes remain in the lives of the families of those who died.

But I’ve been trying to pace myself, go nine holes and do the least amount of practice.

Credit has to go to the offensive line for opening some big holes for Allen and Messam.

The former No. 1 was playing well early – five pars and two birdies through seven holes.

The 21-year-old birdied two of his first three holes before dropping a shot at the fifth.

Braham may discover that mere pleading BandAids will not fix the bullet holes in his case.

I just tried to be more independent out there and after 18 holes I got the score I wanted.

Shrapnel holes in the plane were consistent with that kind of missile and warhead, it said.

I shot holes in the NY Times editorial – This is what I think of the New York Times edito..

One of the emerging stars of the revised menu, though, is a dessert: churro doughnut holes.

788930 There were bullet holes everywhere, in the chest, the legs, everywhere,”” he added.”

Microsoft sabotages Windows users by showing security holes to the NSA before fixing them.”

“I thought I did well on eight to make birdie after a couple of smelly holes in the middle.”

But two bogeys in his final three holes saw the 2011 champion drop seven shots off the pace.

The warm temperatures, especially for the last nine holes, also made it a little bit easier.”

“She said that he had drilled holes in the board for ventilation,” Mr Bennetts told the jury.

Tonight, smart hitting was being lucky enough to find the holes in the infield, Stewart said.

Attack on Dallas Police 15 photos Bullet holes can be seen in the windows of the headquarters.

This is our home, Mitchell said as he showed reporters his bare walls and holes in the ceiling.

770233 The primitive toilet had holes in the wooden floor, through which the ground was visible.

This would be a great place for me to win one, but I’ve got 36 holes of golf (left), Hearn said.

Kyle Stanley of Gig Harbor was tied for 103rd at even par with 16 holes left in his second round.

Holmes, who led after each of the first three rounds, bogeyed three of four holes from the third.

At Kawayu Onsen (pictured), holes dug along the river have created natural outdoor bathing areas.

Five shots behind going into the third round Sunday, Stenson made up that deficit in seven holes.

562994 Playing the back nine first, she birdied the first two holes and eagled the par-five 13th.

The observatory, named ASTROSAT, will study black holes and the development of stars and galaxies.

325413 If I can put another good 18 holes together tomorrow we’ll see if I can get over the line.”

Take part in the Great Beer Blast scavenger hunt to five of Schweitzer’s slopeside watering holes.

In bad weather, sliding covers are placed over the holes in the roof to ensure a romantic evening.

However, the world number 84 lasted just four holes on Friday before pulling out of the tournament.

Barnes made a timely surge up the leaderboard with four birdies in the last eight holes on Saturday.

Sadena Parks, a former Husky, was tied for eighth at 7 under after going 3 under through seven holes.

So far 97 bodies have been recovered, some after three holes were cut into the vessel’s upturned hull.

Patrol cars and buildings were left scarred by bullet holes, but police said no officers were injured.

Woods had not walked 18 holes from the final round of the Masters until the opening round of the Open.

One of the holes was for heating water and the other for the afterbirth .

Clamp the bars together, file or mill a V notch straight across both about 30-50mm from one end, place bars end to end with the V notches lined up to form a square, drill and tap both sides of square to suit allen screws , open up one pair of holes to clearance.

e bars together, file or mill a V notch straight across both about 30-50mm from one end, place bars end to end with the V notches lined up to form a square, drill and tap both sides of square to suit Allen screws , open up one pair of holes to clearance.

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