ham in a sentence

ham meaning:

n.) The thigh (back leg) of any animal;

n.) an actor who exaggerates his emotions and movements on stage.

ham sentence:

He likes ham and eggs.

He tucked into the ham hungrily.

The ham was studded with cloves.

Serve with slices of cold turkey or ham.

It had pieces of ham and nasty cheese.

They sat down to a dish of boiled ham.

The food was typically homemade ham sandwiches.

I’ve never had a ham sandwich before.

Mom made me a ham sandwich.

I ordered a ham sandwich and another Scotch-and-water.

The continental breakfast is supplemented by cheese and ham, and dinner is three courses.

York ham is renowned throughout the world, although other hams are less well known.

The ham was desiccated, the scrambled eggs congealed, and the fruit juice fermented.

The meat produced from a pig is called pork, bacon or ham.

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