gorge in a sentence

gorge meaning:

n.) The throat; the gullet; the canal by which food passes to the stomach.

n.) A narrow passage or entrance

n.) A narrow space between mountains.

v. i.) To eat greedily

gorge sentence:

We will construct a drawbridge across the gorge.

A deep gorge separates the two halves of the city.

The insect sucks until it is gorged with blood.

Huge carrion birds gorged on the flesh.

The bears have gorged themselves with honey.

The village offers various hot springs, caves and gorges.

Some of the gorges are at least 1000 ft deep.

This 16-mile canyon gorge has streams and waterfalls.

The gorges are a haven for reptiles and small mammals.

Each year around 60,000 people pass through the gorge .

There are many large glaciers and various complicated gorges here.

The road through the gorge is scenic and great.

Food gorging can really upset parents, especially when a child gorges to the point of vomiting.

The bees don’t sting much because they gorged themselves on honey before they swarmed.

many parents are guilty of gorging on junk food themselves.

She was standing right on the brink of the gorge.

We gorged ourselves on ripe plums.

The insect is very fast in flight unless gorged with blood.

I gorged on a half price punnet of strawberries with clotted cream, washed down with cheese toastie.

Rivers gorged with newly melted snow surged and burst their banks, bring flash floods along the entire field.

Theatre lovers can gorge themselves on the variety of quality performances of famous plays staged in the surrounding West End theater district.

On both sides of the gorge a nature reserve has been established.

The lower reaches of the gorge were eroded by the Fish River.

The reserve is a gorge cut into the limestone by melting snow and ice when the ground was frozen.

The road travels through a gorge with a bridge over the top.

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