further back in a sentence

further back carpenters are hand tooling two new dhows from mahogany.

250852 Going further back, were you a kid in a photo club with cameras?

“He was pretty much on the baseline the whole time and I was further back.

That’s further back in the process then what was recommended by the lower court.

Teammate Jenson Button was further back in 16th as he ponders his future in Formula One.

“That would have been a different story because they were further back in the vehicle,” he said.

Candie Kung was the highest placed Taiwanese on even-par 213, while Min Lee was a shot further back.

A yellow Sport1000 is in the background, with a silver Paul Smart visible further back.

Their slenderness makes them better for grouping but because they are long, the centre of gravity is further back.

Mourinho was subsequently forced to counter this tactic by withdrawing Lampard and Michael Essien further back in midfield to relieve the pressure on Makélelé.

The new office will be set slightly further back, closer to Carlton Hill (the road), and better road access will be provided by means of a new entrance from John Street.

Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, the horse race is settling down, with Bush as the front runner, Walker and Rubio tucked in behind, and Paul and Cruz further back.

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