elderly in a sentence

I respect elderly people.

I am already what you call elderly.

Although he is elderly, he looks young.

The elderly should be well provided for.

Find someone who respects the elderly.

The audience was mainly made up of the elderly.

In Taiwan, great respect is afforded the elderly.

My parents told me that we should respect the elderly.

He is very concerned about his elderly parent’s health.

The young boy helped the elderly woman cross the street.

Find someone who is living with an elderly parent.

In my culture, the elderly are treated with great respect.

The blind nurse devoted herself to caring for the elderly.

elderly women are more likely to live alone than elderly men.

Around one third of elderly people suffer frequent joint pain.

Among the elderly, women outnumber men by a substantial margin.

We moved our bags to make room for the elderly lady to sit down.

Flu shots are being given to the elderly as a precautionary measure.

There’s a killer on the loose who preys on elderly women living alone.

People in my culture respect the elderly, and take proper care of them.

Many elderly people in this country live very active, independent lives.

Today, one of every seven people in Western Europe is classified as elderly.

Modernization has been associated with a decline in the status of the elderly.

He received the maximum penalty for assaulting and robbing the elderly couple.

From children to the elderly, sensible exercise has a good effect on the body.

In Korea, at meal times, the elderly are served first, and children are served last.

A small group of elderly tourists got off the bus, and lined up at the customs office.

A small troop of elderly tourists got off the bus, and lined up at the customs office.

An elderly man was attacked and savagely beaten by young thugs, for no apparent reason.

Police are on the trail of a man suspected in the death of 3 elderly women in the city.

Police are investigating a savage attack on an elderly couple in a city park last night.

Studies have shown that an elderly adult can do well with 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night.

Someone once said that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

Taking care of elderly parents can be quite an emotional and financial burden for a family.

A very elderly couple is having an elegant dinner to celebrate their th wedding anniversary.

Snowstorms are especially difficult for the elderly, who often have trouble walking in snow.

My grandma is chronically ill with a number of problems typically associated with the elderly.

In the apartment above us, there is an elderly couple who have been married for over 50 years.

An elderly man had a heart attack on the bus this morning, and had to be taken to the hospital.

Police are searching the area for clues that could help them find the murderer of an elderly woman.

Doctors say the disease is dangerous chiefly to the elderly or those who are already seriously ill.

The nursing home has all the modern facilities to keep the elderly residents occupied and stimulated.

Discussion question: Do you think taking care of elderly parents places an unnecessary burden on people? burst
Discussion question: Who should be responsible for taking care of the elderly, their family or the government?
A man claiming to be a police officer entered the home of an elderly woman, and stole all her valuables.

Studies show that one of the greatest fears of the elderly is that they might become dependent on others.

Her elderly uncle still rides his bicycle to do his grocery shopping even though he is over 90 years old.

The Korean government has implemented a number of policies intended to improve the welfare of the elderly.

In the rural areas of Zimbabwe, it is considered polite to remove your hat when greeting an elderly person.

The remains of an elderly man missing for the past two months have been found in a wooded area near his home.

The mayor feels that skateboarders on the sidewalks may frighten the elderly, and should therefore be banned.

In my country, we recognize the wisdom that comes with old age, so the elderly are treated with great respect.

The mayor feels that skateboarders on the sidewalks may intimidate the elderly, and should therefore be banned.

Police received an anonymous tip which led to the arrest of a suspect in the recent murder of an elderly woman.

The elderly face numerous challenges presented by both physical decline, and the attitudes of society in general.

There is a Serbian proverb which states that to serve the elderly is an honor, but to serve the young is humiliating.

Studies show that elderly people are more likely to give financial help to their children than they are to receive it.

The bank is under investigation following a financial scandal in which some elderly women were robbed of their savings.

Firemen had to evacuate the elderly residents of a local nursing home after smoke was seen coming from one of the rooMs.
The government wants to encourage home care of the elderly whereby they can receive personal medical care in the comfort of their home.

Earthquakes are vibrations of the land caused by the breakage and sudden movement of rocks which have been strained beyond their elastic limits.

Disney’s animated film “Mulan” did not do well in China because many Chinese, especially the elderly, complained that the title character looked too Western.

Many old people are afraid of becoming victims of crime, but studies show the elderly are actually the least likely members of society to be attacked or robbed.

Medicaid, a program originally created to provide medical care for povertylevel women and children, today spends almost a third of its budget on elderly people.

The thief is a smooth talker who is able to convince elderly women to let him come into their home to use the telephone, but who then steals anything of value he can find.

I took care to make the letters large and be geus with character and line spacing in order for it to be easy to read for the elderly and those who have problems with their sight.

This is particularly true of the elderly living off their nest eggs.

620436 She was an elderly patient I took care of for the first time.

I befriended a couple of elderly people and started to photograph them.

Excited about performing in front of elderly people or reading to them?

SPIEGEL: You believe that a new generation of the elderly will protest?

I worked for this elderly man on my days off when I was in the oilfield.

523547 Of course I was angry at that time,”” the elderly woman answers.”

“When an elderly grandparent after a full life dies — that’s still sad.

Rob Dunbabin’s elderly father owns the property where the camp is set up.

• Check on family, friends and neighbors who are elderly, ill or disabled.

RANT AND RAVE To lack of help at gas stations for the disabled and elderly.

They withheld her age to protect her identity but said she was not elderly.

It’s set in a failing extended-care ward, whose patients are elderly women.

692830 The casualties included men but also women, children and the elderly.

59311 An elderly man yelled, It was Trayvon Martin’s fault for being killed.”

In Aramillo, Texas they assisted elderly men and women with grocery shopping.

They said they had never seen an elderly white couple living in the residence.

774658 The real problem is that elderly loneliness is not immediately obvious.

I hope the mental pains of the elderly comfort women will be eased, Park said.

MENA gave the new death toll Friday and said most of those killed were elderly.

I found out they sent an elderly woman home last January after having a stroke.

Others specifically appear to target younger voters, the poor, and the elderly.

As well, the region will look at alternatives for the care of elderly patients.

Then the elderly will emphasize with the child and the child with the elderly.”

While he was there, one of the elderly villagers died so he went to the funeral.

Image copyright iStock He says that PHS is a particular problem for the elderly.

Many elderly people on both sides die before they can reconnect with loved ones.

Many pilgrims are also elderly people who have waited their whole lives to attend.

An elderly woman and a 10-year-old girl carried the explosives used in the attack.

Judge Carroll said Vincent had made it “almost a career” to target elderly people.

If you visited your elderly relatives occasionally you would understand my comment.

If you’re going to design for the elderly, ask them what they need, don’t tell them.

Far fewer middle class single and elderly taxpayers would benefit from Obama’s plan.

A friend from Düsseldorf, an elderly woman named Gisela, was killed in the massacre.

Despite its communist badge, the Chinese government does not look after the elderly.

One elderly woman with a cane yelled “Put me down!” as she was hauled off in a chair.

Extra support has been given to elderly or disabled people, care homes and hospitals.

The elderly Lamb Bobak was whirled around the room by the stranger in the green shirt.

377011 In total, Medicare covers more than 50 million Americans, most of them elderly.

Those who were evacuated were placed in a nearby home for elderly and disabled people.

The room ended up being filled with families, single people, the elderly, and children.

The elderly woman had heard about the Rays and wanted the child to be placed with them.

This unequivocal divine voice prohibits the killing of women, children and the elderly.

Along the route that Francis will take to visit an elderly home, thousands are lined up.

480632 Medicare is the government health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

59305 An elderly couple takes a break on a bench near the prison building’s foundations.

Some people, including minors, disabled people and the elderly, are exempt from the law.

Onions have also been shown to help increase bone density, particularly for the elderly.

59304 An elderly Biff staggers around, Trump-like, calling people “loser” and “butthead.”

651367 Stripping its elderly of their pensions, as one solution required, is un-European.

The Conservatives and Liberals would both introduce income splitting for elderly couples.

480631 Medicare is the federal insurance program that provides health care to the elderly.

Men in the footage thank God for his arrival and elderly women call him “pure” and “good.”

Read More When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz discussed how he would handle benefits for the elderly.

He also urged people to keep an eye on elderly or frail friends, neighbours and relatives.

It’s a high-tech teddy with a mission: helping make elderly care much easier in the future.

The Pantry also likes to give a couple of presents to our elderly the receive services, too.

Reiner interviewed elderly couples about how they fell in love in preparation for the movie.

The strain in question, H3N2, was also a particular worry as it primarily kills the elderly.

During extreme heat, the elderly, small children, and pets are at high risk for heat stress.

An elderly woman walks by a destroyed building in Vuhlehirsk, Ukraine, Monday, March 9, 2015.

She says programs for veterans and the elderly and disabled will now cover same-sex marriages.

But an incremental approach for attaining it could be sounder advice for the elderly, they said.

59308 “An elderly gardener finds himself involuntarily levitating an inch or two off the ground.

The plan was to present these stones to the elderly Genet, through the intermediary of Burroughs.

340418 I love the John Lewis one, and how it’s making us all think of the elderly this Christmas.”

As in the previous round of elections, most of those casting ballots were women or elderly people.

Anyone of the wrong skin color, citizens or not, children and elderly alike were taken onto buses.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey told the accused that was not the way to treat the elderly.

An elderly neighbor of mine suffers from Macular Degeneration simply because it runs in her family.

The scammers will look at the handwriting of respondents and focus on ones who appear to be elderly.

By comparison, the rate of bone loss for elderly men and women on Earth is from 1% to 1.5% per year.

He actually first sprang into action when he heard an elderly neighbor yelling for help in the dark.

Dr. Paula Rochon of Toronto is an expert in the prescription of anti-psychotic drugs to the elderly.

One elderly man arrested with two squirrel monkeys has been allowed to go home on account of his age.

599809 Sanjay Ashani Williams started off as a scammer around 2008, making calls to elderly Americans.

“Even the bun and cheese thing is an evolution of the fact that you look out for these elderly people.

Andorra – Diet and outdoor lifestyle in Andorra help to keep the country’s elderly population healthy.

At least 10 elderly people were treated for smoke inhalation but were not thought to be seriously ill.

Discrimination against the elderly is known as ageism .

Ageism has significant effects on the elderly and young people.

He is describing no holiday camp for elderly agnostics .

The Lucas Hospital, almshouses founded in 1663 for sixteen elderly men from the surrounding parishes.

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