copper in a sentence

10 best women’s ski getaways Up your snowboarding skills at Copper Save time.

A large box of copper loaded on a pallet can be worth $6,000.

A public relations officer from China’s Wanbao Mining Copper Ltd. expressed sorrow for the death of the villager.

About an hour later in his Tacoma home, Tillman loaded his bong with Copper Kush.

According to the DNR, not every bite from a copperhead snake is venomous.

After the story of Copper hit social media, several advocacy groups and the NBSPCA lobbied for change.

An image released last week shows a copper-colored Pluto bearing, a large, bright spot in the shape of a heart.

And just like with jewelry, it’s totally alright to throw everything from silver to gold to copper into the mix.

And that was in a copper or zinc bucket set in the kitchen next to the stove.

Are you ready for today? putting the old copper weather vane my sister gave me on the turret.

As irrigation systems contain large amounts of copper, they have become a hot spot for thieves in recent years.

As one user recently asked in the forum: “Does copper in fertilizer kill shrimp?

BBC shows on Netflix – “Copper,” starring Tom Weston-Jones.

Brass has higher malleability than copper or zinc.

Breer and Morris were both suspected of stealing copper, said Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Broadband simply won’t travel down the old copper lines very well.

But three months later, the economy tanked, taking the price of copper with it.

China is a major buyer of commodities like oil and copper.

Clark, the owner, was a Montana copper mining heiress who died at 104 in 2011.

Copiapó is in a rich silver and copper mining district.

Copies, such as the one Ashworth owns, were printed from Stone’s copper plate.

Copper cables are slowly being replaced and will ultimately give way to optical fibers, Paniccia said.

Copper currently trades at a little over $3 per pound, according to Nasdaq.

Copper fell four cents to $3.20 a pound.

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