comply with in a sentence

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I cannot comply with his request.

I can not comply with your request.

Students may be expelled for refusal to comply with school rules.

Anyone who does not comply with these regulations will be asked to leave.

You must attend class, in order to comply with the requirements of your student visa.

Both sides in the conflict have stated their determination to comply with the ceasefire.

He’s hopeful his ex-wife will comply with his wishes for joint custody of their three children.

The Prime Minister is refusing to comply with Opposition demands for an inquiry into the affair.

Owners of a couple of the local pubs are suggesting they do not intend to comply with the smoking ban.

Industry spokesmen are complaining that it is impossible to comply with the new anti-pollution regulations.

The company has stated it will no longer deal with the factory until it agrees to comply with certain labor standards.

Drinking establishments in this city must now charge at least $3 per drink in order to comply with a new municipal bylaw.

The government is hoping television stations will comply with voluntary guidelines regarding appropriate programming during peak viewing hours.

Some of the countries which have signed the United Nations Universal Charter of Human Rights do not actually comply with some of its provisions.

An official in the Internal Revenue Service once warned that a taxpaying public that doesn’t understand the law is a taxpaying public that can’t comply with the law.

MARKET 700 institutions use it to comply with money-laundering laws.

When the man didn’t comply with his demand for money, Matt killed him.

Eight state correctional facilities comply with the federal law, West said.

A department spokesman said the agency would comply with the judge’s order.

He did not comply with their repeated requests to drop the weapon, Katz said.

514091 Nosode makers will have until January 2016 to comply with the changes.

Players who fail to comply with their treatment plan may be subject to discipline.

The image created in the mainstream media does not comply with the facts, he said.

It will also have to comply with oversight and other terms for the next three years.

“Our funds are required to comply with rules and regulations they weren’t designed for.

“Kim Davis has made a good-faith effort to comply with the court’s order,” Staver said.

The report also finds MPD’s current use-of-force policy doesn’t comply with District law.

Some telecoms reportedly protested needing to comply with the order on such short notice.

On Sept. 3, 2015, he pleaded guilty to failing to comply with that bond and was fined $500.

If they don’t comply with our ordinance, we have the ability to rescind these authorizations.

You would think it would be uncontroversial to have banks comply with the bankruptcy process.

After refusing to comply with police, officials said, he reached for his weapon and was shot.

He failed a roadside breath test and refused to comply with the procedure at the police station.

It was reported that the airline responded three days later that it would comply with the order.

Instead, it is pressuring member states to act quickly to at least comply with prior commitments.

As part of the consent decree, Westchester admitted to having failed to comply with the EPA rule.

Manufacturers will also need to certify the electric bicycles comply with specified requirements.

He says 19 inmates in two separate units refused to comply with directions and lock up their cells.

The NSA would also begin turning off its servers and reconfiguring software to comply with the lapse.

· A player who fails to comply with a Treatment Plan may be subject to discipline by the Commissioner.

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