coast in a sentence

coast meaning:

n.) the land beside an ocean, sea, lake, or river.

coast sentence:

Our hotel faces the coast.

His cottage is on the coast.

The ship sailed along the coast.

It’s an island off the east coast of Spain.

We went to the coast for our summer vacation.

We paddled the canoe along the coast.

The forest destruction around the coast is unimaginable.

The company has located on the West Coast.

Sudden rainstorms are frequent on the southeast coast.

An earlier oil slick had already reached the coast.

Two-thirds of Californians live within 15 miles of the coast.

His family own a bakery and have two shops on the south coast.

According to the weather forecast, the typhoon is likely to approach the coast.

A tidal wave caused by the earthquake hit the coast causing catastrophic damage.

The pipeline was constructed to transport oil across Alaska to ports on the coast.

Morgan was the lone survivor of a shipwreck off the California coast.

Comparatively speaking , this part of the coast is still unspoiled.

Camp sites are usually situated along the coast, close to beaches.

The frontier ranges from the northern hills to the southern coast.

It is a very long way from the West Coast to the East of America.

Their frantic SOS message was picked up by a Coast Guard vessel.

Fishermen in small boats ply their trade up and down the coast.

After a short rest the travelers pushed on towards the coast.

Two fighters buzzed the convoy as it approached the coast.

The eastern coast of the country was lined with mountains.

He was last heard of living somewhere on the south coast.

Much of the coast has been contaminated by nuclear waste.

Intelligence reported enemy activity just off the coast.

This stretch of coast has been designated a danger zone.

The ship lay at anchor two miles off the rocky coast.

He was drowned in a shipwreck off the coast of Spain.

The town is a considerable distance from the coast.

The submarine surfaced a few miles off the coast.

First, we check to see that the coast is clear.

The west coast main line has been electrified.

I had been planning a trip to the West Coast.

They saw many seals off the Coast of Alaska.

We drove along the Pacific coast to Seattle.

We travelled across America coast to coast.

The US Coast Guard says it rescued more than 100 Haitian refugees.

On the west coast, the temperature changes very little between summer and winter.

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