churn in a sentence

churn meaning:

v. t.) To shake or agitate a liquid with great force

v. t.) A vessel in which milk or cream is stirred to obtain butter.

churn sentence:

Butter is made by shaking up cream in a churn.

The farmer churned the cream to butter.

We stood on the dock and watched the ocean churn.

Suddenly her stomach was churning with anxiety.

As the glaciers slipped toward the sea they churned up tracts of land.

It’s a food product made by churning cream.

Butter is made by churning milk fat.

Their corn bread is served with a churned style honey butter.

Food is first churned in the stomach before passing into the small intestine.

They churn out 000 identical toy trains every day.

I pressed the gas pedal, and slowly the wheels began to churn.

She churns out trashy romantic novels.

This factory churns out lots and lots of cars a day.

Sefton’s stomach churned with excitement at the thought of fulfilling his anarchist ambition.

The ground was churned up, trees had been overturned and the whole place looked like a bomb had hit it.

Many farms churned their own butter.

The sea bed had been churned up, most of the coral and seaweed had gone and very few fish survived.

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