can in a sentence

can meaning:

n.) A vessel or case of tinned iron or of sheet metal, of various forms, but usually cylindrical; *&&*v. t. To be able to do; to have power or influence.

can sentence:

I can swim well.

Can I see you at ten tomorrow?

Nobody can solve this problem.

Can you pass the salt please?

Can I sit next to the window?

Don’t throw away cans on the street.

The floor was littered with rusty food cans.

We take all our aluminium cans for recycling.

The flies were swarming around the garbage cans.

He picked up cans in the street.

Squash your cans flat before recycling.

They are also available pickled in cans.

He littered the yard with bottles and cans.

Dogs and foxes scavenged through the trash cans for something to eat.

The supermarket has installed recycling bins for old newspapers, bottles and cans.

To keep metal garbage cans free from corrosion, coat them lightly with used motor oil.

The Mayor with a local school girl, handing her empty cans over to Alcan mascot, Ali Can.

Walt lives by collecting and selling aluminum cans and other stuff he finds on the street.

I wish people would stop throwing away empty cans and other trash along the path up the mountain.

The ravenous dog upset several garbage cans in its search for food.

Bottle tops, silver paper and tin cans are the last things you should throw away.

Bean sprouts are also sold in cans.

The raft was buoyed by empty petrol cans.

The soldiers plinked cans from a riverbank.

Steel cans were introduced sometime during the forties.

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