a mile in a sentence

About 5,000 people have been evacuated from a mile-and-a-half radius around the Wednesday night accident.

At the other end of the quality spectrum, dead-last Fiat missed by a mile.

Elsie Sackett lives in Badger Mountain Village, about a mile south of the new school.

It was less than a mile upslope from Apaa Street and 1.5 miles from Pahoa Village Road.

My most mortifying moment by a mile.”

Officers pursued him for about a mile in a slow-speed chase”” before the driver stopped, Reuters reports.”

Oh, and as a kid growing up in Lowell, I DID walk a little over a mile in all kinds of weather to catch the bus.

The accident occurred about a mile outside the town, and no one was hurt.

The sheriff’s office says 21-year-old Nathan McCoy went running through the neighborhoods for about a mile.

You cannot build a mile-long tunnel and get into this without some level of corruption,”” Grillo said.”

“Ted does a mile a year so it’ll take them at least four years to catch up with what he’s on now.

After about three-quarters of a mile, it dead-ends at a pond fed by a 45-foot waterfall.

After Oliver was shot, his partner fired at the attackers, who drove about a mile before attempting a carjacking.

After walking about a mile, they left the trail and either rolled down or fell down the dune, House said.

Afternoon traffic was stop and go, but for less than a mile.

And the C bus from West Seattle would continue a mile beyond Third Avenue, to reach job centers in South Lake Union.

Angela had a mile and a half hike from her home to her job at Sesser’s Dollar General store.

Annual cost divided by approximate annual mileage equals about 25 cents a mile.

At a range of more than half a mile, the 20-year-old struck a terrorist who was rigged with explosives.

Authorities say the accident occurred about a mile west of the Bylas Bridge.

Both occupants were okay, but as police were wrapping up the scene, a second crash occurred less than a mile away.

But a mile south, there’s more weaving from downtown to I-90, making the right lanes slower, said Hallenbeck.

But Mawing gets on board and the horse stretches out to a mile, which should help his chances.

But, only about a mile from the Qinghua campus, the march had ground to a stop.

Carol Elaine Robins 5pts the park was a mile away.

Connor Halliday threw for an NCAA-record 734 yards, almost half a mile, against Cal.

Drive a mile and a half down the road from any vineyard, and the complexity of the grapes changes.

Earlier this week, Dr. Herbert Gaskill said that curriculum is “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

Fannin was last seen near Martin County Lake just a quarter of a mile from his home in Martin County, Kentucky.

Flight controllers raised the space station’s orbit by a mile Wednesday.

Half a mile northwest, beyond the railroad tracks and the Laurel Hill Cemetery, the Iowa State Fair proceeded as usual.

Harrell had been allowing the girl to play there while she worked at a McDonald’s a mile and a half away.

He gets a mile, no problem, and he settled better today.

He hits it a mile and you’re not punished if you go left and right.

He said the search area was originally about a mile off the coast of American Samoa but has since expanded.

He struggled a little bit the first sixteenth of a mile, Stevens said.

He was alone in brush less than a mile from the nearest U.S. home, a South Texas sheriff said Monday.

He was found dead on June 17, 2013, less than a mile from Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

He was himself attacked by le Gaucher’s men a mile away.

He went too fast too early in his first try at a mile and gets a new jockey.

Her body was set afire on a mattress in a vacant house about a mile from her home.

His body was less than a mile from a nearby home.

Horses like that don’t normally get a mile-and-a-half,” he said afterwards.

I can see if the father beat the child and abused the child but making walk a mile?

I couldn’t walk more than half a mile without pain, he said.

If I go right, I am about a mile from Fisht Stadium, where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies take place.

If we are used to running a mile, my advice is to cut that in half when we start outside, and slowly increase.

In 1947 in Long Beach harbor, it grabbed about 70 feet of air for about a mile.

In the U.S., we are currently missing the mark by a mile.

Investigators found a mile-long, ventilated tunnel big enough for Guzman to have vroomed through it on a motorbike.

It also reports the twister was on the ground for about half a mile, leaving a path through a forested area.

It happened about half a mile south of Level Plains.

It stood about a third of a mile from the river.

It’s been described as “the notorious tampon incident,” which, when faced with, “many men would run a mile.”

It’s the best thing that’s every happened to me, by a mile,” he said.

Just A Way is the world’s highest-rated horse but a mile and a half is not his trip.

Just across the border about a mile away in Ontario Oregon, the new minimum wage is $9.10 an hour.

Landon got about a mile before crashing into another vehicle.

Lawton television station KSWO reports that witnesses reported seeing the bees from about half a mile away.

One thing the public often forgets is that a train moving at 55 miles an hour requires a mile to stop.

Packer floated for more than half a mile before grabbing a passing tree branch and climbing to the top.

Phoebe’s body was recovered about a mile from the bridge and she was pronounced dead at 2:44 a.m. An autopsy is pending.

Police found Sarah Wolfe’s car around 1:15 a.m. Saturday parked nearly a mile away.

Police said the carjacking occurred about a mile from the crash scene.

Runner’s World also has guides for new runners (and yes, even if you can’t run a mile, I’m calling you a runner!).

She improved her speed by nearly a mile per hour.

She’s been the best player in this tournament by a mile.

Simpson said two of the hunters were found in the water, about half a mile from the overturned boat.

That cannot happen again, not a mile away from Jerusalem.

That pipe runs about a mile and a half southwest and is 10 feet in diameter where it empties into Cedar Lake.

That’s about a mile from the location of the Renaissance Festival.

That’s more than a mile farther than runner-up Marcelo Díaz of Chile covered over the same period.

That’s would happen with a mile-high wall.

The 41,000-seat ballpark opened in 2008 and is located about a mile south of the Capitol along the Anacostia River.

The aircraft belonging to an Iliamna fishing lodge ended up in some trees near Eastwind Lake, a mile north of town.

The bull run is 850 meters, or half a mile.

The bullet train from Paris to Lyon in France, which is often called profitable, has a fare of 52 cents a mile.

The cabins are less than a mile from the Gila National Forest.

The canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, nearly 18 miles (29 km) wide and a mile (1.6 km) deep.

The FAA issued the order after a Hamas rocket exploded about a mile from the airport.

The family lives about half a mile from where the fire started and was one of the first seven homes evacuated.

The Grand is also running a Run a mile with a Smile 10-week exercise course to help people run a mile.

The leak happened about a mile upriver from the West Virginia American Water plant.

The list of concessions to the aerospace giant is a mile long – and growing.

The man drove half a mile before he stopped.

The militants were about a mile away on the southern side of town.

The nearest homes are about a mile from the flow, which could reach the residential area in about week.

The next fire was set two days later at New Northside Baptist Church, which is about a mile-and-a-half away from Bethel.

The number of sex offenders living in a mile radius from Lions pool is 40, down slightly from last year.

The Ocean Club is frequently named as one of the world’s top hotels, with two all-suite resorts located a mile apart.

The organizers constructed a track measuring a tenth of a mile; the race was two hundred and sixty-two laps.

The pair lost their way in fog about half a mile off shore, and ran off course when their compass stopped working.

The stolen Audi was then located less than a mile away.

The technology is not up to date on these airplanes, where they can be tracked within a quarter of a mile.

They could see smoke in the distance, perhaps a mile away.

They live one-fifth of a mile up the road from where the shootings took place.

They were more than a third of a mile underground, and there was no sound except their footsteps.

Together, these lanes total around a mile and a half.

Villa Lewaro is located half a mile from Jay Gould’s Lyndhurst and three miles from the Rockefeller’s Kykuit.

William Glenn built a house about a mile south of the church.

Within a radius of about a mile, all form of life was eliminated.

Within hours of Keenan’s killing, police say Carter robbed another woman at gunpoint less than a mile away.

Without the jetpack, the speedy test subject ran a mile in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

It ran about three blocks deep for about a mile along the bank of the river.

Mertz Glacier currently advances at less than a mile (about 1.1 kilometers) every year.

The march led by Houston activist Quanell X covered about half a mile.

They discovered the body about a half a mile up river from Two Rivers Park in Finley.

1/1000th of a mile is approximately the distance of a single pace or 2 steps.

A decade later it was shadowed by the larger LaGuardia Airport, which is located only a mile away.

A jogger found Lloyd’s body on June 17, 2013, less than a mile from Hernandez’s luxury home.

A little more than a mile later, 630 again returns from the left.

a mile later, with a Dunkin’ Donuts on one side and a McDonald’s on the other, the hamlet ends and countryside resumes.

a mile marker from the road remains at 100 East Main Street, in front of the village pharmacy.

A quarter of a mile from the finish it looked as though that he was going to win in true championship style.

A shocking bit of father-son dysfunction, telegraphed from a mile away.

About a mile back there was a drone flying, the Delta pilot told air traffic controllers.

About a mile before the crossroads is a spot on Kelleytown Road where Pleasant Grove School once stood.

After about a mile, PA 171 turns away from the residential and commercial buildings and winds through the local woodlands.

After traveling for about one third of a mile, the tornado destroyed the roof of another brick home.

Approximately half a mile of track had to be replaced, as did all the electrical services and signalling.

Argus and USS Nautilus anchored about half a mile (800 m) to the eastward of the fortifications.

As for hills, Mahindra says the bike will tackle an 8 percent grade at 30MPH for half a mile.

Both streams empty into the Old Hickory Lake impoundment of the Cumberland River just over a mile to the south.

British Simla extended about a mile and a half along the ridge between Jakhoo Hill and Prospect Hill.

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