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                Tests and Exercises
  1. Countries and nationalities
  2. Nationalities Test
  3. Nationalities
  4. Countries and cities
  5. European Children
  6. Countries and nationalities
    Pronunciation Practice 
  7. Countries - Nationalities 
  8. Countries, Nationalities, Languages and Flags
  9. All over the map
  10. Natonalities game
  11. Quiz on nationality
  12. Crossword
  13. Capitals of English-Speaking Countries
  14. Countries game
  15. The British Isles main cities
  16. Flag Quiz
  17. Flags Game
  18. Flags Game
  19. Capitals Game
  20. Nationalities quiz
  21. Nationalities test
  22. Countries Crossword
  23. Nationalities Crossword
  24. Map game
  25. Drag and drop game


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