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Wh Questions -  The Simple Present Tense
What are Wh - Question Words?

Wh question word (what, when...)   +   do / does   +   Subject (I, you, we...)    +  verb    +  others


Wh Question Word Auxilary Verb Subject Verb others
Where do you go to?
What does she watch on TV?
When does Mike leave school?
Who do you like much?
Why  does the teacher say that?
How do we reach him?

These wh question words are at the beginning of the sentence. After them, we use auxiary verb and subject.
We don't use yes or no in the answer.

Example Sentences:

"Where" question asks for the place:
  • Where does she live?  --> She lives in NewYork.
  • Where do you meet your friends? --> I meet them at the school.

"What" question asks for information about something:
  • What do you like eating most?  --> I like eating fruits most.
  • What do you read?  --> I read funny books.

"When" question asks for information about time:
  • When do you meet your father? --> I meet him at 9.
  • When does she come home?  --> She comes home late.

"Who" question asks for information about a person:
  • Who do you know here? --> I don't know anybody.
  • Who do you like?  --> I like my friend, Tom.

"Why" question asks for information about reason, explanation:
  • Why does she cry? --> She lost his toy car.
  • Why do we stay here --> It's cheap.
"How" question asks for information about manner, the way to do:
  • How do you come here?--> I come here by bus.
  • How do they get to work --> by train.

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