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  The Simple Present Tense - Use and function

Usages and Example Sentences:

We use The Simple Present Tense when something is generally true.
  • Every twelve months, the Earth circles the sun
  • The sun does not circle the Earth.
  • Water freezes at 0 C.
  • Cats drink milk.
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • People need water and  food.
  • It snows in winter.

The Simple Present Tense is used
for the repeated actions such as habits, daily activities, routines, hobby or thing we regularly do.

  • Does your father smoke?
  • I play football every Monday.
  • They often go to the cinema.
  • She gets up at seven o'clock every day.
  • It takes me five minutes to get to school.
  • I go to dentist every six months.
  • Each summer we go to Antalya for a holiday.
  • She has a cup of coffee during breaks.  
  • At the weekend, we usually go on a picnic.
  • How often do you study your lessons?
  • We don't travel very often.

Timetables, programs and schedules

This use has the meaning of future time. These are future events that are planned.
  • The movie starts at 9.
  • My Math Lesson finishes at 10.30.
  • The train arrives at 12.
  • What time does the match start?
  • Jack: When does the bus leave?       Bob : It leaves at 8:15.

For the newspaper titles, we use this tense.

  • Obama visits Turkey.
  • Somali pirates release food aid ship.
  • Shootings kill 2 Iraqi security officials.

In jokes, anecdotes and film or book summaries

  • A man comes in with a silver knife and starts lauging...
  • In his new film Robert Redford plays the part of a brave cowboy.

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