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Simple Present Tense Example Sentences

Here are positive, negative and questions example sentences for the Simple Present Tense:

We go to the cinema once a week.

My father calls me twice a week.

I have a shower once a day.

He never eats breakfast.

It almost never rains here.

The match starts at 7 o'clock.

He sometimes visits me.

He usually tells lies.

Do they sell notebooks in the store?

When does she come to work?

He always walks home from work.

I don't know the truth.

Do your sisters live in Istanbul?

We meet every day.

My son feels sick every morning.

Sometimes she goes to work on foot.

I go to my hometown twice a year.

She brushes her teeth three times a day.

My dad shaves every morning.

She hardly ever does her homework.

Do they speak French?

He goes to the hospital twice a month.

I don't agree with you.

The police don't want to give the details.

How long does it take to walk home?

My granddad lives alone.

Some people speak very slowly.

He earns four hundreds Dollars a week.

I dream about you every night.

Do you like coffee?

How often does Tom fly to London?

Where does your brother live?

The students don't know the answer.

Don't you believe me?

My father scarcely ever smokes.

Sam rarely shaves.

Mary speaks French very well.

The child makes up stories all the time.

What time does the plane arrive?

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