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Simple Present Tense - Frequency Adverbs

We use these adverbs to show  "how frequently" or "how often"  we do an activity.

Percentage Adverbs Of Frequency Example Sentences
100 % always Karen always tells lies
95% almost always She almost always drink milk in the morning.
90% usually I usually have cheese for breakfast.
80% generally We generally go to the gym.
70% often They often play games.
70% frequently I frequently get up at 7.
50% sometimes I sometimes watch TV.
30% occasionally I occasionally eat fast food.
10% rarely He rarely calls me.
10% seldom My parents seldom read the newspaper.
5% hardly ever Mom hardly ever eats breakfast.
5% scarcely ever Dad scarcely ever listens to music.
0% never My brother never smokes.

The place of the frequency adverbs

We usually put these frequency adverbs in the middle of the sentence, between the subject and the verb:

  • We often go to the park.
  • Sally sometimes calls me at home.
  • We usually drink tea during the break.

except the verb "to be".

We use these adverbs after "am, is, are"
  • He is always late.
  • They are sometimes unhappy.
  • I am often on time.
  • You are seldom wrong.
Modals and Auxiliary verb (have, has, had, can, may, could,  must,  should, could, will, would, ...)

When there is a modal verb or auxilary verb and a main verb, the adverb goes between them:

  • We can usually go for a walk.
  • The kid often cries.
  • My friends have occasionally gone out for a lunch.
  • I had never seen him such a thing.
  • You must always tell the truth.

but with the modals "have to / has to", the adverb goes before the modal:
  • usually have to stay home.
  • Dad always has to drive us to the school.


Sometimes, for strong meeaning, we can put the some adverbs at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Usually I get up at 6:00
  • Occasionally she goes to the library.
Sometimes, at the end:
  • We play tennis, usually.
  • She goes to the gym, sometimes.

Some exceptions

We can put "Sometimes"  at the beginning, middle, or end:

         Sometimes she calls me.

         She sometimes calls me.

          She calls me sometimes.

"Always" can NOT go at the beginning or the end of the sentence, only in the middle:

     They always play video games at home.

    Always they play video games at home.

    They play video games at home always.

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