snag in a sentence

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In addition, plaster is much smoother and does not snag clothing or abrade the skin.

Weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m., you can snag a craft cocktail for only $7.

Tax prep software should catch this one, but paper filers may get snagged.

So what do you have to do to snag this prize bundle worth approximately $300?

Nathalie Emmanuel before snagging the role of “always looking concerned” woman.

A child tries to retrieve his kite snagged on a lamppost in the Rocinha favela.

And people were quick to ridicule those who camped out overnight to snag a spot.

But attempts to get private investors on board appear to be hitting several snags.

224110 Fillion said his car finally stopped when it got snagged on a little bush.”

If you snag a glass that isn’t as clean as it could be, just wipe off the lipstick rim.

They snagged a booking on The Ed Sullivan Show, CBS’ top-rated Sunday night variety show.

Remember, there are many other ways a crook can snag your child’s Social Security number.

Consumers who got snagged by the glitch will have extra time to finish their applications.

They’ve snagged at least 15 photos so far, an impressive percentage of the ever-growing field.

Hooks had snagged a large piece of a net on the bottom and it came up to the surface on a line.

He’s mostly in line to snag a 49-inch Toshiba TV, which will be on sale for $150 come Thursday.

But since snagging the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader, he’s seen a nice boomlet.

There is one snag for some Gay white families that want to adopt a kid from Utah or Mississippi.

Pollard says he was pushing the shark into the water when it started flailing and snagged his leg.

Whatever the details, travelers can snag advertised round-trip fares as low as $98 on short routes.

Early data suggested the probe may have hit a snag, although the situation has been declared stable.

All the more incentive to rush over and be the first in your neighborhood to snag a chicken biscuit.

Here’s how it works: snagshout approves new users after they link their Amazon accounts to the site.

As a reward for you enduring the crowds of kicking fans, you’ll snag a 30th anniversary Mario button.

And don’t forget to snag sweet discounted beach passes for packaged deals on food, drinks and chairs.

The only snag was that I had bad after-effects from the anaesthetic.

Of course, like with anything else that undergoes major alterations , there will be snags.