realistically in a sentence

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The movie depicts life in the early 1700s quite realistically.

When thinking about your goals for learning English, it is important to have goals which are realistically achievable, otherwise, you may get discouraged.

Realistically, Republicans aren’t going to get much of a black vote anyway.

What can hoverboard owners realistically expect to get from these companies?

But realistically, economic opportunities do not top the list for many émigrés.

Gavin Hastings: “realistically, getting out of the pool would be a good tournament.

Realistically it will take towards the end of the year (to end Ebola), he told Reuters.

Realistically, we put ourselves in position to win that game the way we played it.”

The device’s 1.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 615 kicks out as much power as you realistically need.

“Looking at it realistically, he’s going to die in prison one way or the other if he’s convicted.

104486 Below are a few of the habits these realistically positive people practice on a daily basis.

There needs to be more time for consumers to realistically consider the device as a viable purchase.

“I know I need to shoot something in the mid to low 60s to realistically have a chance,” McIlroy said.