is supposed to in a sentence

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He is supposed to be at home today.

It is supposed to rain today, isn’t it?

Even a child is supposed to have reason.

He is supposed to come here at 2 p.m.

He is supposed to come here at 5p.m.

The monarch is supposed to attend the funeral.

He is supposed to have been a great statesman.

The train is supposed to leave in five minutes.

He is supposed to be the best doctor in the town.

I’m looking for a man who is supposed to live here.

Every pupil is supposed to know the school regulations.

The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.

Everybody is supposed to know the law, but few people really do.

Every employee is supposed to keep his own vehicle in perfect condition.

This new medicine is supposed to attack diseased cells, and destroy them.

This toy is supposed to be indestructible, but my 3-year-old son broke it in 2 days! The scenery along the Alaska Highway is supposed to be absolutely spectacular.

If you rub a bee sting with a raw onion, it is supposed to take the pain away.

She bought some special new toothpaste that is supposed to brighten your teeth.

We are only paid minimally for the work we do because it is supposed to be part of our studies.

The coast of Florida is bracing itself in expectation of a hurricane which is supposed to hit by the weekend.

The U.S. military is supposed to admit homosexuals, but I don’t think they are widely accepted yet.

This college is supposed to be for the brightest students in the country, but in reality, they are simply the children of the rich.

The college is supposed to be for the brightest students in the country, but in reality, they are simply the children of the political elite.

Human hair is supposed to be able to stretch twenty-five percent of its length without breaking.

Hair which is less elastic is not healthy.

Gloria Naylor once said, “I don’t believe that life is supposed to make you feel good, or make you feel miserable either.

Life is just supposed to make you feel.

” A professor in the linguistics department is doing some interesting evaluative research on the efficacy of a software program which is supposed to help ESL students learn vocabulary.

He is supposed to have served the first burgers on this month in 1891.

An execution by lethal injection is supposed to take about 10 minutes.

This is supposed to have happened after I bought safety glasses at CVS.

The South African parliament is supposed to be a sanctuary for decorum.

This is supposed to be Kyle’s legendary longest shot at 2,100 yards away.

This isn’t how democracy is supposed to work,” she said on the Senate floor.

910012 We live in England, a country that is supposed to be fair to everyone.

The fraud prevention system is supposed to be a linchpin of the new approach.

Storage is supposed to start at 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB tiers rumored as well.

That means no more struggling to figure out which way the plug is supposed to go.

“What this agreement is supposed to do is stop them from having a nuclear weapon.

The process is supposed to be carried out by army troops, rebels and a Norwegian NGO.

SPIEGEL: Qatar is supposed to have 112 training grounds that conform to FIFA standards?

The Suhl refugee shelter is supposed to hold 1,200 people, but has had to take in 1,800.

A so-called island gate configuration is supposed to create more space for airplanes to taxi.

He is supposed to be the keeper of our Bahamian culture, yet he changes his story over and over.

The lodge is supposed to be used for government meetings and rentals, not for partisan purposes.

“It is not supposed to stigmatize the Muslim community, it is supposed to stigmatize terrorists.

The transition to LID is supposed to be completed across Puget Sound over the coming year or two.

Parliament is supposed to be the voice of the people, he said, even though it rarely seems that way.

It’s nowhere near ready to open, and worse, weather for Christmas week is supposed to be even warmer.

The Turing is supposed to offer the highest level of security throughout the phone to keep data safe.