fundamental in a sentence

For the German economy to remain healthy, fundamental changes are necessary.

Mr Corcoran said: “We fundamentally believe this industry is all about scale.

“At the end of the day, kids are not being taught the fundamentals in school.

Simmons also accused Rivera of fundamentally misunderstanding hip-hop culture.

The most fundamental failing of our system is not recognizing those priorities.

Will this move fundamentally change the nature of Japan’s diplomatic relations?

I’m tired of being targeted for the fundamental values that make us who we are.

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner called it “fundamentally broken.”

They were fundamentally too hard to use, and the user interface was really bad.

These new leaders are bringing about a fundamental transformation in leadership.

She says that “addiction to modern communication is a fundamental trait of man.”

Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith,” the 43-year-old movie star said.

I personally don’t think this rally has legs as fundamentally nothing’s changed.”

Volkswagen has a fundamental choice to make, said Uhlmann, the former prosecutor.

Our officers are hired and trained based on some fundamental core values, he said.

She said the fundamental solution to this problem is to foster a stronger economy.

To play the long game built on fundamentals and deep support from the grassroots.”

While Abzû won’t be released until 2016, its fundamentals are already well in place.

But Paul said following Trump’s strategy was fundamentally against the Constitution.

fundamentally it gets solved by the parties on the ground and their power balances.”

“What’s really important to us is that the music we make is fundamentally beautiful.”

Read More at CNBC: After CEO exit, Twitter says no strategy change “The fundamentals.

Clinton, he says, is the candidate who “can fundamentally address income inequality.”

That really is the fundamental breakthrough needed to revolutionize access to space.”

Besides, he also fundamentally supports any decision by the EU to disburse less money.

According to the BBC, Asmal left England in March to join the Islamic fundamentalists.

The fundamental values of the European Union are not for sale and so are non-negotiable.