crystal in a sentence

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He crystallized salt from seawater.

They drank champagne out of crystal glasses.

No two snowflakes have exactly the same crystal pattern.

My little sister likes to collect crystal figurines of animals.

Find someone who has crushed a beer can in his/her hand.

crystal Some people believe that crystals have special healing properties.

Salt crystals look really cool if you examine them under a microscope.

They have a beautiful solid oak cabinet to hold their china and crystal.

Robert Browning wrote, “What youth deemed crystal, age finds out was dew.

crystals were frequently worn by ancient Egyptians as charms against bad luck.

No one has ever discovered two snowflakes with exactly the same crystal pattern.

Bohemia in the Czech Republic is famous the world over for the quality of its crystal.

We have fake crystal wine glasses made out of plastic for the children to drink out of.

The child knocked over a display of crystal wine glasses, breaking at least a dozen of them.

crystal has been somewhat cool towards me since she heard that I went out with another girl.

The liquid crystal display on my alarm clock isn’t working properly, so I can’t read the time.

With their music, the Beatles managed to crystallize the feelings of a generation of young people.

The contents of the box of crystal wine glasses spilled out over the floor, shattering into little pieces.

When we moved out from Ontario, the movers dropped a box containing our crystal, and broke it all to bits.

crystals grow by reproducing themselves, they come the nearest to being “alive” of all members of the minerals.

There is a Turkish proverb which states that happiness is like crystal – when it shines the most, it soon cracks.

In the Bahamas, the fine, white beach sand is visible beneath the crystal clear waters for several yards out to sea.

There was a beautiful crystal chandelier in the lobby of the hotel, but it fell to the floor during the earthquake, and was destroyed.

The children were making rock candy by putting a piece of string into sweetened water and waiting for the sugar to crystallize on the string.

In Siberia, it can get so cold that the moisture in a person’s breath freezes, and can actually be heard when it falls to earth as ice crystals.

In the Bahamas, the sand of the beaches is fine and white, and is visible beneath the shallow crystal clear waters for several meters out to sea.